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+ 100 Visionaries Tour


100+ visionaries gathering in cities around the world, convening to find one another and discovering better ways of moving humanity forward - together. 


The Old Us held us as machines and urged us to compete against one another, creating inhuman bottom lines and unsatisfying lifestyles. We felt cornered, squeezed and as if suffocating. We had to break free, to find ourselves outside the collective madness. At the risk of being called crazy – and at times even wondering if we actually might be – we walked away from so much that once felt secure.


The Me Alone was a leap in faith that our individual urge toward something better could be realized. And it was! Out from under the boundaries of the dominant culture, we found freedom, joy, and seemingly unlimited potential. Finally, we could breathe. Even so, going it alone was more difficult than we expected. Our bigger dreams, especially the dreams that would also free those still caught, required us to find others of like mind. Yet to return to the ways of the Old Us was unthinkable. And so, we must leap again.


Taking our courage and faith, and everything we have learned in the Me Alonephase, we are now beginning to trust each other again. This is the New We. But how do we navigate relationship – personal, community and business – when we all have so much of the Old Us and the Me Alone still active within? The answer is simple: We trust that we are fully capable of creating more elegant designs for being together, and that our own inner evolution is showing us the way.