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Meet Your Plant Spirit Allies

Join Robin Rice to learn how to rebalance your life with plant spirit allies! 

Meet Your Plant Spirit Allies

Enhance your Powerful connection to nature Using Essential Oils

- Four Tuesday's In September, Online And Recorded -

Did you know that the plant kingdom is joyously abundant, prolific, and ready to help you in your life? That the plant sphere is literally bursting with usable energy? The spirits from the essence of our plant life want to engage with you directly? That they are completely willing to partner with you as they enhance all areas of your body, mind and spirit? It's true, but you'll have to be quiet to hear them. You'll have to listen deeply, and find something you have not found before. That is what this class is about. 

Whoever asked the wildflower - "Aren't you a little too full of yourself? Shouldn't you economize a bit?" - did not understand the songs the plant was singing. Abundance is the very design of nature. The lessons we need are right here in front of us, showing the way. 

I've been teaching contemporary shamanism for nearly a decade and have had more than 100 year-long apprentices. But when I taught my first plant spirit allies class using essential oils, I was blown away by the leaps my students took. The powerful aromas carried us away and our insights were so much more vivid. Journeys, even for beginners, were richer and more vibrant than I'd seen in such a short time. Even my own journeys were "in your face" enhanced. While plant spirit allies are not my foremost area of specialty, I simply cannot hold back the messages our world so desperately needs - plants are alive and ready to teach us! As such, while I will be presenting this powerful information, I will also be learning right along side you. 

Why essential Oils? In an ideal world, we would all be living in nature, deeply in tune with the plant world visually, aromatically, and nutritionally. That is just not the reality for most people today. Yet you can clearly and easily connect through essential oils no matter where you live. One whiff and we realize that "the nose knows" what it wants, needs and is delighted by!

Think about it - how often do you receive deep pleasure through the sense of smell except in a high-salt, high-fat food environment? Our sense of smell is rarely used for sacred purposes anymore, and it is nearly starving for real nourishment.

Without all of our senses highly engaged, our soul withers

In short, we need these powerful plant spirit allies! We are so very out of balance with nature, with ourselves, and with each other. The people/nature rift has become so great, ANY work we do to reconnect ourselves to the plant spirit world contributes to the healing of our world. Even if you are in balance (I know my husband Brian is far more than I am, working in the garden every day) the work you will do on behalf of others is sacred and needed. 



When it comes to our health and wellbeing, the plants know how to help us. They have always known. We've turned to them throughout the ages (even now we've duplicated their healing potential to create the artificial medicines of today). Now there is an ever growing urge in so many of us to return to nature to support our mind-body-spirit wellness. We'll dive deep into how we can access the plant spirit allies for just this kind of support.

I'll even show you my "secret sauce" for making any important habitual change using the essential oils (this is part of what I do with my top level clients, and it works every time). Because the sense of smell is the only sense that does not get filtered through the brain before registering and retrieving sensory data, it is a "direct hit" to the brain. While we can "filter" what we hear, see, and even touch - what we smell gets right in. I'll show you how to use this to your advantage when trying to shift long-held patterns that are holding you back. 

The plant spirit allies we will connect with over our four weeks will come to us through: 

  • Orange 
  • Lemongrass
  • Clove
  • Cedarwood
  • Rosemary 
  • Wintergreen 
  • Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus

Connect to YOUR plant spirit allies... 

Once you register, I'll send you the links to listen to my guided drumming CD, which will help introduce you to journeying if you are new. If journeying is not your preference or you find it hard to connect, you can also "daydream" and/or write the "stories" that come to you as we work with each oil. Together we will learn what the plant spirit allies wish to share with us. I expect it to be truly life expanding!

Since the plant spirits are clear that "we can do nothing if we are not asked," we will begin with learning to sacredly ask. We will then:

  • Ask for help with something in you that has gone dormant (as many plants do in winter) so that it may come alive again
  • Ask for help with something in you that needs to heal (which is broader than "curing")
  • Ask for help with something in you that is ready to risk, yet still somewhat afraid
  • Ask for help with something in you so that you can better receive the abundance offered

In specific, we will work with:

  • Building relationships with the entire plant spirit kingdom
  • Using oils internally, through the skin, and aromatically
  • Specific plant spirit allies that are ready to support your unique journey
  • Working with the plant spirit allies to create real and lasting change
  • Building sacred spaces and releasing the power of the oils in them
  • Creating tools that leverage the power of the oils in our psyches
  • Anointing and blessing ourselves and others
  • Raising our "vibration" with the plant spirit allies through the essential oils
  • Creating ongoing partnerships with a few select plants
  • More - there is always more that is revealed as we get closer - I am even now tuning in more deeply to learn what the plant spirit allies want to teach us

While we will work with the eight oils that are provided as part of class, your own insights may indicate that there are other plants species that wish to be allies with you. The oils provided are just a starting point. 

IMPORTANT: Plant spirit allies do not diagnose or treat disease. They are far too big for such a limited perspective. They assist us in ways that are far beyond the body and mind through symptom-cure. They are guides that can inform any aspect of our lives if we learn to connect with them and ask. But most of all, they bring us to wholeness through consciousness - and this is what we are all really after anyway. We will work to meet them at the level of their capacity so that we can glean everything they have to teach and share!


A Few Reasons You Might Enjoy Me As Your Guide

If you are new to my work, you can learn about me HERE. In addition, you might want to know...

  • I’ve been facilitating powerful transformation-based classes online for years - I know how to make true support “travel” over the internet miles.
  • My specialty is contemporary shamanism and soul mentoring - I understand what the soul wants and needs to be vibrant.
  • I will be humbled by the plant spirit allies and will guide you with great care.
  • I’ve been teaching people to Train Your Inner Warrior and use the olfactory sense to “reprogram” what we don't love about our lives. My students report with great success with the essential oils – some of those same ideas will be a part of our class.
  • I live on a farm and my husband grows our own organic food. Food as plant spirit "medicine" is a natural part of our everyday life. 

Click HERE and HERE to learn what students have had to say about my work.

Course Details...

Four Tuesday Evenings Online (+ recorded and downloadable) September 8, 15, 22, & 29 at 7 PM Eastern Time

We will use an online conference platform that allows you to log in via computer (using CHROME) or by phone. All lessons and calls will be posted on our secret Facebook group for anytime learning and interacting - so if you are not in my Eastern US time zone, no worries! 

Your $159 fee (within the US - contact us using the link at the top right of the page if you are outside the US) includes:

  • Four classes online or by phone, recorded for anytime listening, 90 minutes each, downloadable
  • All class materials in one downloadable PDF at the end of the class
  • Secret dedicated Facebook group
  • A free PDF of my novel A Hundred Ways To Sunday**
  • A free download of my audio CD MP3 for guided and solo drumming journeys**
  • A free download of two "upper worlds" shamanic music audio MP3's for higher vibration journeys**
  • Eight free sample sizes of the oils we will use in class
  • Free shipping within US

SPECIAL OFFER: Join my essential oil team (I cannot mention the name here, but it is a great one and you can email me if you want to know beforehand) and you will get all 8 oils in FULL 15 ml size (10x the sample size) - plus a year of wholesale prices (like a Costco membership) at no additional cost.  With this membership you can choose to purchase additional oils at some time in the following year - however, rest assured there is NO obligation to do so. In fact, there is never any obligation to ever buy or do anything more - you can be a totally silent team member. You will also get free access to additional classes including my recent hit "Life Is Sweeter Without Sugar" (self-study version) and others as they are created. 

REGISTER EARLY so that we can get your oils to you on time! If you register after Sept 2, you are still welcome, but your oils may arrive later than our start date. 


  1. When registering you agree to use your own wisdom about which oils to use or not use. NEVER use any product you don’t feel comfortable with. We are not responsible for what you do or do not do with the essential oils.
  2. Refunds: Purchase mindfully, as we will begin to ship your order immediately, and as such do not offer refunds. 
  3. Current Students & Team Members - your class is free, simply purchase your own oils. Click HERE to register.