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Genius! Course

Why you do what you do and how to change anything! Smart. Spiritual. Immensely fun. This 31-day online program has participants raving every single session! Learn exactly what I do to stop the self-sabotage and create with ease. No, really. 

"I simply don't have the words to say how much this course meant to me and what a profound change I experienced... this course is light years beyond anything else I've experienced... I've seldom seen my time and money better spent. Don't think about it. Just. Do. It." -2014 Participant

Hello Genius!

Yes, you! You are a genius!

Don't believe me? That's because your genius has been used in all the wrong ways - to convince you that you're not a genius. But I've cracked the code. Let me explain:

Do you do things you wish you didn't and fail to do things you wish you did? Of course. It's part of being human. No doubt you've done all you can to tackle your biggest and most core issues and still come to wonder...

"But seriously, Robin, Is there anything out there that can really be considered a game changer?" 

Seriously... yes. There is. 

I created this program on a whim one year - after people kept asking me how I get so much done, how I have the time and energy for it, and why I don't get bogged down by inner and outer obstacles. 

They wanted to know... What is my secret to real, lasting, continued EASE in my creativity? Most of all, how have I learned to maintain such a high degree of self-trust when I stick my neck out so often. 

This 31-day daily online course was written as an answer to that. It will will answer, in an easy, step-by-step sequence, what I do to train my own brain to serve my greater mind and life. (Hint: it isn't what you think. It's HOW you think.)

With a focus on training the mind to think more effectively in service to your deeper intentions, you can expect results to include personal insight, changed awareness, and "aha!" perspectives that turn into the capacity to change habits - including sustained follow through despite your best inner-trickster shenanigans! That's not hype. My last class of 40 students were "astounded" pretty much daily.  I have been repeatedly told that, a year later, participants are STILL active with the change they wanted to make.  Here's what a few said during and after class:

  • "This makes SO MUCH SENSE… Like the curtain has been pulled back to reveal the mechanism that was hidden from view before!"
  • "I think I could easily say that was the most important class I've ever taken. I wouldn't dream of missing a day! Every day I woke up excited that will be a new lesson for me and I couldn't wait to read it…Thank you thank you and more thank you's! Looking forward to future explorations of the brain and mind."
  • "Each day when I get up there's a rush to look for my email! Thanks for being the GENIUS who figured this stuff out…..!"
  • "Robin, I have to tell you how bowled over I am by the course. I read each daily lesson over carefully twice, once to absorb the material and a second time to marvel over how wondrously well you’ve set up the subject matter. Sheer magic! You’re having such an impact on our lives… I not only am welcoming my inner warrior to help with my future plans but studying with immense respect and admiration how a master teacher motivates, enchants and delights her fortunate students."
  • "Illumination! Aha! Really? But OMG it's true. The off switch went on. I sure do appreciate the way you have intuited the input sequence, Robin. You are right on target for me."
  • "I have felt major shifts happening all month long. I'm honestly blown away at how much has shifted in this last month. I was literally begging the Universe for this information and the shifts that I'm experiencing…"
  • "Ah-ha's piling up like snowflakes…"
  • "I just finished this class and all I can say is… it's something you can't NOT do!! Really. If you are at all on the fence, fall into this garden…"
  • "If you've ever struggled with any part of your life and wondered why it isn't different, TAKE THIS COURSE. I've spent a shit-ton of $$$ over the years on "self-improvement" courses, and this one from my friend Robin Rice couldn't be more different, or more inspiriting, or more spot on. It takes 31 days, and it will change your life. I swear."

How It Works

You will track with one desired "change" to follow through our 31 days. Don't decide what that will be yet - choosing it is an important process you'll learn in the class. Then, the pattern you set with this change will be able to be applied to ALL future changes you desire. You will learn about how the mind works in conjunction (or not) with your most powerful goals and intentions, as well as discover the unique intricacies of your own personal motivations and patterns. 

These are the essential tools I use myself in my own daily life. 

They are the ones I teach to transform the lives of my most private clients, and they will agree - they are NOT a rehashing of what you have read elsewhere. This is totally new material. It has to be because I created it from scratch from things I have learned over 30 years of personal growth and "self-hacking" my own roadblocks.

Designed to work in harmony with your higher aspirations, and in fact to dissolve conflicts within your more mundane, everyday aspects of self, this actually creates a powerful activation of new aspects of your brain (yes, really).

Many of you know I work with top level world-changers through Rainmaker Consulting. The leaders in business, politics, medicine and entertainment trust me with the inner workings of their genius minds. They don't let me get away with mediocre work, and in this course, neither will you. The hallmark of my work with such individuals is.. and must be… RESULTS. They don't hire me to sort-of-kind-of-maybe-help-a-little. They want game-changer materials, and I know you do too.

Really, who doesn't? 

I'll be honest: Certain kinds of talk make me a little nutty, and a good bit sad (from someone's sales marketing page on motivation…). You know the kind I am talking about: "Your desire to change the behaviors that have given you XXX results, your motivation to make these XXX changes, and your commitment to making it happen is what indicates your success."

No. No. And, um, NO.

I often meet amazing people who have a desire to change, wonderful motivation, and feel committed... and yet... and yet... they never get to what it is they most want. These are the people I most want to share this course with. It's the best I've got to offer you and I really can help.

This from someone on our final day of last year's class: "This class not only was a 100% game changer but it far exceeded my expectations. I've never been more certain of how to consciously work with my own processes. For me, it really truly IS about changing the brain, along with all these new 'tools' and perspectives. It's been Aha after Aha after Aha this whole month! I got EXACTLY what I was hoping to get! My deepest, deepest gratitude to you Robin." 

key differences from what you may have seen out there before:

  • It is about change, but it is NOT about push. It is NOT about psyching yourself up. It is not about a lack of "accountability" or other "character flaws."  It is certainly not about beating yourself up yet again because you say one thing and do another. 
  • It IS about transformation by using and understanding your brain. You need to know how it functions for good or ill, and how to put it into SERVICE to your higher spiritual and real-world goals instead of letting it go on the continuous loop of goal setting, self-sabotage, self-recrimination, and then yet another round of the same.
  • Those who are open and in tune with their inner self, but have a harder time "getting things done in the concrete world," will find this powerful but NOT harsh to the spirit. Really, it is for anyone who wishes to awaken fully to their life. 
  • If you are INTENDING to DO but not DOING, but also want to be respectful of your simple BE-ingness, this course is for you.  
  • There are no set "spiritual" requirements or dogma to follow - the path of your own choosing will always be encouraged. However, you will want to be on some kind of spiritual or personal growth path. If you are a total self-discovery beginner, I'd wait until you feel really, really ready to go deep with yourself. 


Dates: Start whenever you are ready! The course runs for 31 consecutive days.

Location: Online. Do your work whenever and wherever you like! 

Requirements For Success: Show up to the material for 31 days in a row. Expect to spend 30 minutes a day reading, listening and doing homework. Missing an OCCASIONAL day due to circumstances won't be a big issue. But you won't want to be gone for more than three days - seriously. Note that our first class participants told me that, in addition to the 30 minutes or less of actual reading and homework, they spend a great deal of time THINKING about this course throughout the day - and are delighted to do so. The aha's come one after another as big chunks of understanding fold into place! So just know it is likely to "follow" you through your days in the best of ways!

Investment: $399

"I applied what Robin teaches over the course of 31 days and the results blew my mind. I stopped spending so much energy on thinking about making decisions. I just make the call, send the email, schedule the meeting and get the work done. Because of the above, I got to know some of the most powerful and influential investors, leaders and entrepreneurs across several industries in the past weeks alone. Hands down, applying what Robin teaches is the most powerful personal growth work I have ever done that actually creates results. And that’s coming from a personal development junkie." -Daniel Jordi

This course comes FREE with your attendance at the 100 Visionaries World Tour. If you are attending the tour, please do not purchase directly from this site. 

Refund policy: Once purchased, this course is not refundable