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Ocean Retreat

Join us at the ocean 2015! 

Blending Traditions

Developing A Powerful

Spiritual Connection To the 12 Essential Oils Of Life

An Ocean Retreat With Tamara Gerlach and Robin Rice

- Just 2 Spaces Left! - 

Our Offering

  • May 9-15, 6 nights, Saturday through Friday
  • Private 14 Bedroom House In Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
  • Just steps from the beach
  • Rooftop deck with pool and hot tub overlooking the ocean
  • 4+ days/evenings of workshop + 1 day totally free
  • Tamara's signature AromaDance event
  • 18+ amazing women of like mind & spirit
  •  Bonfire on the beach, with dinner
  • Private cook providing 4 lunches and 5 dinners (or opt out for those wishing to bring their own food)
  • Go DEEP with 12 essential oils + create your signature oil
  • Take homes swag bag
  • Just $1,400 includes shared room and workshop fees. Add a $100 meals fee if you desire to have 9 healthy meals cooked for you.

Blending Traditions: Our Intent

Today’s cornucopia of spiritual traditions offer us many ways to access our personal truth. In this workshop, you’ll learn a few of the ways that the shaman and the priestess of old (and new) have found to access the deeper healing and helping properties of essential oils. In addition to blending spiritual traditions, we’ll be blending oils to create our own signature scents out of what we feel are the 12 essential oils of life. We seek a week of beauty, ocean spray, amazing aromas, deep learning and lovely company. 

The Path Of The Shaman

The shaman fulfills an ancient role within tribes and societies. It is a calling of the soul, yet is not a religion nor faith-based practice. While modern life has few who are awakened to this calling, those who are called know it when they see/feel/taste it. The inexplicable fascination and “pull” give the would-be shaman a sense of joy, often after a long dark night of the soul or extended period of life dissatisfaction and boredom. This path offers a much needed relief to ordinary life– as if the soul were to say… “At last, the world makes sense, for as I suspected, this is not the only world there is!”

The shaman works with archetypes and symbols, becoming a master storyteller for the benefit of others. These stories hold healing powers, and it is the role of the shaman to restore personal, family and community stories to health and wholeness.

While each shaman will have different gifts and callings – the seer, the healer, the protector, as examples – they all work with guides and tools to “walk between the worlds” and gain access to greater energies than are available to the ordinary life. This is a powerful role, and the utmost of integrity is required.  One such gift that can be accessed and developed is that of Plant Spirit Medicine, which is at the base of all essential oils. The plants hold wisdom as well as healing potential. The shaman taps into this wisdom, develops a relationship with the plants, and increases her healing power many fold. Over the course of this week, we will create relationships with 12 essential oils so that our “soul-medicine kit” is well-rounded.


The Path of the Priestess

We work with the rich and ancient traditions of the Divine Feminine. Long before the patriarchal society gained power, spiritual, elegant, and compassionate mystics led us. We were in harmony with the earth, and life was sacred.

Now, as we awaken to our inner light and power, we reclaim our soul’s path, and create synergy and balance through our own evolution.

The Path of the Priestess is ecstatic. She knows who she is, in all of her phases. She has direct access to her Inner Child, Muse, Mother and Wild Woman archetypes, among others. She joyfully and gracefully dances between them all. She can only be known through experience and the dynamic truth of empowered energy. Through this path, you will learn the art of self-blessing, the art of blessing another, and how to access the potency of the oils through dance.

The 12 Essential Oils of Life

Essential oils have been used for healing the body, emotions, and spirit for well over 5,000 years. Throughout the centuries, healers have used the life force and wisdom that plant medicines hold, and utilized their aromatic essences to shift us into a deeper state. Sacred oils are used in the art of self-blessing, as well as in blessing others.

The oils that we will focus on have been carefully chosen to reach and represent the upper, middle, and lower worlds of shamanism, the wide range of divine feminine energies, and the very practical needs of our daily lives. We will journey, dance, journal, create, and bless - going deeply into each oil. In working with these 12 essential oils of life (how hard it was to choose which ones are essential and not – and these are simply our suggestions!), you will learn how to grow in connection and wisdom to any plant spirit and oil. In blending the oils, you will create a relationship the brings together something totally unique to you. Below are the oils we have chosen for the group to work with:

  • Bergamot, the oil of Self-Acceptance. Inspires confidence, balance, and harmony. 
  • White Fir, the oil of Generational Healing. Inspires grounding, inner unity, and strength.
  • Geranium, the oil of Love and Trust. Inspires solace, tranquility, and being mothered.
  • Wild Orange, the oil of Abundance. Inspires joy, creativity, and self-confidence.
  • Lemon, the oil of Focus. Inspires direction, awareness, and liveliness.
  • Clary Sage, the oil of Clarity and Vision. Inspires imagination, inner wisdom, and grounding.
  • Patchouli, the oil of Physicality. Inspires lucidity, invigoration, and stimulation.
  • Lavender, the oil of Communication. Inspires calm, compassion, and gentleness.
  • Peppermint, the oil of a Buoyant Heart. Inspires vitality, vibrancy, and self-acceptance.
  • Ylang Ylang, the oil of the Inner Child. Inspires sensuality, awakening, and enthusiasm.
  • Roman Chamomile, the oil of Spiritual Purpose. Inspires inner peace, spiritual awareness, and understanding.
  • Frankincense, the oil of Truth. Inspires enlightenment, courage, and acceptance.


About Tamara

I am Tamara Gerlach, a woman in love with transformation: yours, and my own.

I’m a former USA Gymnastics National Team coach, owner of Encore Gymnastics since 1989, a bestselling author, host of the Radiant Living Radio Show, ordained priestess, holistic educator, and the creator of AromaDance. I am passionate about awakening you to your power and guiding you to higher levels of consciousness.

As Servant and Healer, my job is to listen… Listen to your heart’s voice and the divine teacher within you. I offer my gifts with beauty, grace, and generosity to help you access your senses, intuition, and inner luminary. 

As a Spiritual Alchemist (one who practices the art of transmuting lower energies into energies of great value), I offer tools to activate your heart to transmute fear and anger into love. Together we playfully build upon and blend many mind-body-and-spiritual practices to create unique ways of guiding you on your journey to spiritual freedom.

My soul’s work has been expanded on many spiritual journeys, working with healers all over the U.S. and world, including Nepal, Bhutan, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Tanzania, Ecuador, Peru, Bali, India, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Egypt…the list goes on. Really, I just seem to meet healers wherever I go. Over several decades, I have discovered the power and potency of our Earth’s gifts through essential oils, and help educate and empower you to self-heal as well as offer your healing to others. I live and breathe the oils and am a living testament to their healing power. 

Learn more about Tamara at

About Robin

I am Robin Rice, catalyst for profound, life-altering, whole-self transformation. As an author, contemporary shamanic teacher, rainmaker and a social change artist, my life task is to awaken each soul to the beauty of this earth alongside the palpable awareness that the world as we know it is surely not “all there is.”

To date, I have had more than 100 apprentices in yearlong programs, many of which have studied with me for three+ years. I have worked with world-level leaders in crisis and am often called upon to handle extreme spiritual emergencies. My social change projects range from, where mothers write letters of support to LGBTQ youth over the holidays, to, a viral campaign that addresses the realities of a culture gone mad with artificial beauty through 25+ arresting ads, to my new app, 50 One-Minute Meditations

My truth is that each of us is inherently perfect in our imperfection, and that we who are privileged must extend ourselves to others, lest our own life purpose be wasted. I have created my own shamanic signature oil blends for my students and myself and I look forward to learning even more from the amazing Tamara Gerlach.

Learn more about Robin at and

To Register

Apply early. We expect the limited space to fill quickly as our combined audiences are large. Also, the best rooms/beds will be assigned first. 

Application: We review all applications to be sure we have a group of like-minded attendees. This is a women’s only course. To register, use our contact button (top right) or send the following information to walksintwoworlds @ gmail dot com.  

1. Name, Email, Address, Phone

2.     Where will you be traveling from?

3.     Are you traveling along or with someone else?

4.     Will you need a parking space?

5.     Can you share a room? Do you snore (we will try to put snorers together).

6.     What are your spiritual traditions thus far, and what do you know of the shamanic or priestess paths? (No previous experience is required, but if you have none, please tell us about why this interests you.)

7.     Will you want to participate in our group meal plan?

Once you have a confirmed space, we will let you know where you can send your payment. A US based check is requested; paypal is an option if required or out of US.

Travel Logistics

Location: Rehoboth Beach is located in Delaware. The nearest airports are BWI, in Baltimore (2.5 hour drive) or Philadelphia, PA (2 hour drive). You will need to rent a car, and we are happy to provide arrival times to all participants in the event a car can be shared. We are limited to 10 parking spaces, so carpooling is requested when possible.  

Arrival/Departure: You can arrive at any time on Saturday, May 9th, with our opening session at 7 PM, after dinner on your own. We leave by 11 AM on May 15th. While we will have a cleaning service, everyone is requested to spend 45 minutes cleaning up the general areas before we leave.

Meals: For $100, we will provide a cook who will offer 4 lunches and 5 dinners (lunch off on our day off). Meals will be vegetarian with a meat option prepared on the side. All breakfasts will be provided by you. Everyone will be assigned to help with clean up for after mealtime. If you do not wish to have meals provided for you (likely due to very specific dietary needs such as completely gluten free, etc…), there will be a second kitchen for you to prepare your meals in. Or, you may pay the $100 fee and select what you like from the group options and then supplement with your own additional needs. Our goal is to provide you with the options you need for self-care!

We look forward to your registration!