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Robin Rice offers custom one-on-one programs, "changing the lives of people who are changing the world." 




Part mentor, part guide, and part concierge to the soul...

I serve as a personal growth partner to artists, executives, entrepreneurs, and other leaders—change agents who are already making a significant impact in the world, yet who find themselves at a crossroads and in need of perspective, wisdom, and an expanded personal truth. 

My Rainmaker Clients are:

  •  Making the world a better place.
  •  Clear that inner, soul based transformation is the next step.
  •  Stuck or blocked on an important project, in a significant life transition, or facing an inner or outer life crisis.  
  •  Ready for something completely "off the menu" - with unparalleled support. 

At last, real help.

It is not at all unusual for high-profile individuals - people who are helping to shape our world - to experience professional and personal blocks, turning points and even crisis. Life shows no favors to the educated, wealthy, famous, or influential, no matter what the contemporary culture makes it look like. 

Rainmaker Consulting is a completely unique and immersive program offering a dedication that is rare to find in the world today. For example, my Rainmaker clients are free to call me at any time, any day of the week, for a full six months. I lend my attention, shamanic gifts, and yes, even my heart, to each person I work so closely with.

Each 6 month engagement involves a 2-day kickoff together in person, then includes daily "behind the scenes" work (on my part) and phone calls together twice a week. The work centers on a combination of logic-based dialogue, custom creative processes, and shamanic support. I only work with 2 clients per six months so that I can offer significant time, energy and resources to our engagement. 

My work is distinguished by clarity of expression and insight, extraordinary personal service, and the ability to effect powerful results in a short period of time. I also understand that for this work to be effective, I must be open hearted and powerfully genuine. With this combination, you get the very best of me. Profound transformation on both inner and outer levels, and that exceed expectations, has always been the result.

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If this work appeals to you, you may wish to read my LinkedIn article, 7 Things Gil Reyes Taught Me About Mentoring The Elite Spirit

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