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The Significant Year

A program to create the year that changes EVERYTHING with Robin Rice at 

The Significant Year

A Powerful Year Of Personal And Profession Growth For People Who Want To Help Change The World

You, me, and the work there is to do...

There comes a time when it is simply time.

When the age-old question of “If not now, when?” stops being a philosophical idea and becomes a cry from the depths of the soul.

When we are ready to do what we must do, which is to say when we are ready to transform into the person we have come here to be and to give this world what only we can give.

When we are ready to write a new story with our very own lives.

While we cannot control outside forces, we can make ourselves ready for what we seek…

We can transform the powerful stories we tell the world and ourselves.

We can set our life in order so that we are most likely to be in the right place at the right time.

We can face our inner fears and roadblocks in advance of their arrival, and then go even deeper at the moment of their arrival, so that these do not divert us yet again.

We can awaken to our True Self so that when the doors of opportunity open, we see them and know that they are ours.

We can gather our courage and come to terms with the risks that come with every creation process, so that when the need to risk comes, we do not hesitate.

We can prepare ourselves by being sure we are sending the right signals to the greater Universe. By deeply and thoroughly understanding the differences between our habitual brain and our greater mind, we are able to choose our thoughts and send them out before us, creating maps for the roads we wish to travel.

We can choose to gain true leverage by surrounding ourselves with others of like mind – those who also know it is time. Like a struck tuning fork, as they naturally go about doing their own powerful work, they will set us vibrating to the pitch of “yes” and “onward” and “you can.” 

We can begin or deepen the work we came here to do.... because if not now, when? 

Years from now, do you want to be able to look back and say this was the year that changed everything? 


My role is part teacher, part thinking partner, part fountain of genius.

I am a teacher of those things that we all know deep within and yet can sometimes barely remember in our day-to-day life. I teach only to the point where the teaching is useful, and then I bow and remove myself so the inner teacher can take over. When not acting as teacher, I serve as a supportive friend, cheerleader, and thinking partner.

As your thinking partner, my task is to help you see in both the macro and the micro levels of your inner and outer life. I work in terms of “layers and levels” so that any problem can be addressed in multiple ways. My beginning stance is to seek what has not yet been considered and to find what is right before exploring what is wrong. I believe in considering the very premise of the question before trying to answer it. Partnered thinking, like a powerful and intimate dance, allows new ideas to emerge where once there were only blocks, feelings of resistance and a litany of “failures.”

Tapping into the ever-flowing fountain of genius, I lend you my magic until you are in full possession of your own (please understand, I do not do this lightly). I own my creative genius as a simple fact. I know that we are - each and every one of us - carriers of genius, even though some are so far removed from this that they cannot imagine it. In The Significant Year, my task is to return you to the awareness of your own genius and then to help you express it toward your own callings and soul desires. If your fountain of genius has yet to be primed or seems to have too shallow of a well at present, I am happy to gift you from the overflow of my own.

In specific, my knowledge base is rooted in shamanism, mysticism, mythology, alchemy and the way of the Tao. I apply these fundamentals to different aspects of work - spiritual transformation, high-performance coaching, master storytelling and personal crisis management. I am well versed in the entrepreneurial journey as played out in our contemporary world. I have skills in writing and publishing book-length fiction and non-fiction in multiple countries. I am a pioneer in social change with skills in many areas of social and creative media. I have taught online for as long as we had popular platforms to do so and have now trained 150 apprentices in year-long programs. Through Rainmaker Consulting, I have worked with some of the best and brightest minds on the planet and witnessed powerful transformation in as little as a few days. (Ask me and I'll share a detailed PDF of that program with you, as this program is inspired by that work!) 

Also note that I am a student as well - a student of the Tao. At this time, I follow a path as set forth in a book called Zen Bow, Zen Arrow, which instructs us to strive for "100 shots, 100 bulls eyes." Of course, I fail. Of course, I forget. But more and more, I remember. So if it helps you to see me as a fellow student, not a staunch authority, please do. It is true. 

To learn what people say about working with me, click HERE and HERE

“...from now on, just know this: It’s on, man. It is on. You know what I’m saying?... Somewhere up there is a star with your name on it. I might not be able to help you find it, but I’ve got pretty strong shoulders, and you can stand on my shoulders while you are looking for that star. You hear? For as long as you want. Stand on my shoulders and reach, man. Reach.” - Gil Reyes, coach to Andre Agassi


Your role is to bring your best self...

...your deepest dreams... your brightest plans…  

The Significant Year is about being, and doing, and growing, and shifting - so that the person you are at the start of the year has made leaps in internal and external growth by the end of the year, if not well before. It is as much about who you want to become as it is what you want to do, though the time for doing in our world is clearly now. 

To truly progress, it is helpful to work with a concrete project as we make our way through The Significant Year. Because of this, you will bring a piece of work to dive into. Please understand - this does not need to be your greatest work... your Magnum Opus... your most important work ever-ever. It simply needs to be a work that is important to you and that you can feel good about diving into for a full year.

Perhaps it is a book you wish to write. A cause you want to champion. A company you want to launch. A challenging art form you wish to learn. A set of skills you deeply desire - even the non-doing of regular meditation practice! Perhaps it is more personal - a substantial amount of weight you need to lose to enter your elder years in good health, or a relationship you need to dive in to in order to decide to stay or to leave. Any concrete work that allows you to say "Yes, I can point to how and where I worked on this today" will do.

There is only one caveat: It must have the aim of a positive impact on our world. Why? Because I will not lend my own magic to anything less. Not with where the world is now. 

While a true Significant Year is always about far more than what you can point to, this piece of work will be the foundation and fodder that our inner work revolves around. It will help me understand your processes, where they break down, and thus how to be of holistic help. Having something concrete to work with, we stop spinning through theory and ideals and get down to the fundamentals  of creation. As it turns out, the very same processes that help you create something tangible will help you create the intangible, and vice versa. Together, we will create a life design and systems that will serve you for a lifetime. 

This is the same process I have used in my work with my Rainmaker Consulting clients and it has proven powerful time and again.

So ... If you are here to create something for our world, and for yourself in the process, I will help you. Your fellows (no more than 10 in our program) will help you. Even the Universe itself will be set in motion to help you. 

If you know it is time, if it has in fact been time for a long time, you are perfect for this program. 

"You've seen my coaching methods, right? You see how intense I can be? The reason I am intense is because intensity begets greatness. You are great, and it will be my job and my privilege to bring the greatness out in you." - Seal, The Voice 2013

What will we do Together?

  • We will apply mythic truths to your life so that you can see where you have been, where you are now and where you are going.
  • We will watch for your patterns and use the genius within them to create a better life design - one that works for you without undue stress, without angst, and with smart, calculated risk. 
  • We will find your inner saboteurs and help you overcome them so that new iterations of your patterns can emerge naturally. 
  • We will apply smart thinking, true-heart feeling, and wise relationship skills to what you have built out of your life thus far.
  • We will discover what has been avoided, or where the pendulum has gone too far, and fill in the gaps. 
  • We will do whatever we need to do to make this year a pivotal year in your life. 

In the significant year, you Will RECEIVE:

+ Retreat January 20th (arrive before  noon) to January 24th (leave after noon) with our small group in the Baltimore/Washington area (plan to fly into BWI if you are coming from out of the area). This includes shared twin lodging and meals. Plan a warm, comforting, and creative inquiry into what has personal heart and meaning for you - along with a strong dollop of dreaming, planning, coaching, designing and community support. 

+ Thirty-six weeks of "lessons" - written inquiries that come to you through our dedicated Significant Year website. Together, we dive deeply and repeatedly into a fusion of six topics - Flow, Identity, Self-Possession, Trust, Connection and Presence) with six areas of life (Money, Health, Relationships, Contribution/Community, Spirituality, and Freedom). The result is a self-inquiry that offers depth and breadth. From this, we have a solid basis for authenticity and self-expression.  

+ Thirty-six half-hour private mentoring sessions with Robin by skype or phone + two one-hour mentoring calls (one before the start of our year and another at the end to plan for the following year). Our work is never scripted because the greatest genius comes from dancing with the Tao in the moment it appears. Your needs will direct the nature of the work. Your project design and progress will show the way to your next steps. 

+ Twelve group calls, one per month, to mastermind your projects and gain valuable insight from your fellows. These are held the first Wednesday of every month at 12 Noon Eastern Time. They are recorded. 

Note all calls are held on Wednesdays based on your time zone. Our schedule for 36 weeks of content have two week breaks between sessions and mentoring, with dates as follows:

  •        Session 1: January 20 - March 3 
  •        Session 2: March 20 - April 28 
  •        Session 3: May 15 - June 23 
  •        Session 4: July 10 - August 18 
  •        Session 5: September 4 - October 13 
  •        Session 6: October 30 - Dec 8
  •        Final One Hour Sessions: Dec 8 - 15

This program is for two types: 

Those who have made their mark and yet seek a guide to help hone, refine, and create at a higher level of excellence. 

 Those who have not yet made their mark, but who know there is absolutely nothing that will stop them from FULFILLING their dreams. 

Who do I work with?  Please know that I am looking for “my people” - not bodies to fill spaces. In the case of The Significant Year, who are my people? Like powerful art, it is difficult to describe, yet I “know you when I see you.” 

I do know that you are a change maker. A dreamer and a doer. The type that perseveres. You are eager to learn, grow and receive help. You are able to leave the old, worn-out story and leap to a new one. You are ready. Maybe most significant, you want to work with someone who is also doing the work, playing life at the highest levels. If that is you, and this is calling (singing, even!) to your soul, send me a note using the form below. 

Fee: $9,990 - take a $1,500 discount if you have already taken a year-long program with me. I understand this is a significant investment and it is meant to be. We will do deep work and I will dedicate myself to your growth. $4,990 is due upon acceptance into the program, with the remaining due before January 15th. Please apply early as several spaces out of our 10 maximum are already spoken for. 

We'll start with a phone call. Simple. Easy. Real. No sales, just a call. Are we a good fit? That's all. 

Name *

Ask your future self.... was This the year that changed everything?