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Ancient Ireland

Robin Rice is an internationally published author, contemporary shaman and social change artist. Join us for a tour of Ancient Ireland in April of 2015. 

- All Spaces Reserved In 2016 For Members Of The Significant Year - 

Details to be adjusted and confirmed, the dates are set, the itinerary may shift slightly.

Ancient Ireland...

We are ancient. We are modern. We are listening for something our soul cannot define; aching to hear what the ancients have to say. We are dying to find ways to apply it to our lives, here, today. We are open, ready, malleable, tender, strong.

We know somewhere deep within that we are powerful, yet so often we find ourselves at the mercy of our too-advanced, too-connected-yet-disconnected and far too disempowered culture. We are ready and willing to do something about it... but what?

This is a small group tour of discovery, of going back in time to go forward in our lives. Of finding our way. Of beseeching the help of the Old Ones so that our future is once again meaningful to what we feel and know as true. 

This is no casual motoring, no sightseeing tour. This is a reclaiming of who we are, who we have always been, and who we are called to be again. We are claiming this pilgrimage as OUR OWN pivotal moment, standing tall with others who will do the same.

We will allow ourselves to be changed.

We will allow ourselves to be touched by beauty.

We will allow ourselves the soul-nourishment we have been so very thirsty for.

We will allow the ancients to re-member us. 

We will remember the ancients.



Leaving The US On Thursday, 14th of April... Those in Europe already will likely have time to travel and arrive for our dinner at 6 PM on Friday, the 15th. 

Arriving Friday the 15th of April

Arrive through Dublin airport. You will be given a list of others arriving near your time in order for you to coordinate a taxi to the B and B. Most will stay at our family favorite Castle Lodge, but those who sign up at the tail end will be at a nearby B and B.

Make your way to the Dublin coastal Village of Malahide and your B and B. You can spend the day acclimatizing, getting into your room as quickly as it is available. If you arrive that morning before 10, you are welcome to have breakfast at the B and B. During the day you may like to visit the beautiful Malahide Castle and grounds, only a 10 min walk from your accommodation. Friday evening we will all meet up and go for dinner in the local Village of Malahide. We will stay in Malahide for 2 nights.  

Saturday the 16th of April

We set off in our luxury bus with our amazing driver Liam for the Royal coronation site of the Celtic pre Christian Kings knows as the “Hill of Tara.” This place is steeped in history - Kings, Goddess, Saints and Fairies are all remembered on this site. All though there are no buildings that remain, you can see the earth mounds, tune in to the energy of this site and see what it will reveal to you. This place is about the landscape and what remains to tell the story. We will journey to the fairy kingdom under a fairy tree!

(By the way... if you new to "journeying" in the shamanic tradition, worry not. This trip allows for those new to learn as they go! I'll also send you a link to my book and a drumming CD to get you started before we take off if you are new to my work.)

Lunch at Maguire’s beside the Hill of Tara.

We then travel on to the magical site of Sliabh na Caillíghe (Hill of the Hag/Witch) in Loughcrew where there will be a group journey and healing. This site was the scene from my book "Do-Overs: An Irish Story" where the old hag spins into shards of light – it is always a potent place to connect deeply to your truth. The hag knows us well and always welcomes us! NOTE: Tall hill to hike - wear outdoor clothing! 

We return to our B and B in Malahide where we will meet up for dinner in a local pub.

Sunday the 17th of April

We leave Malahide and move on toward the Burren in Co Clare. Here we pay our respects at the Poul na Brone - a dolmen that dates back to 4,000 BC. (See picture as you open this page, very top.) The ancients are VERY present and await our arrival each time we visit. This is my very favorite spot on the tour, where the ancients have always appeared very vividly to me. It has been a focal point of ceremonies for centuries. The landscape is beyond anything you have seen... the very ocean floor now raised to walk on! 

Lunch in Doolin, A personal recommendation is the fantastic Gus O’Connors Pub! Sunday night we stay in Doolin. 

Monday the 18th of April

We then head to the Cliffs of Moher, where you can walk along these impressive cliffs and enjoy the fresh air and stunning views, weather permitting. 

We then travel to the lovely City Of Tribes also known as Galway! Here we have an opportunity to shop and explore the streets and history, or sit in a café and watch the world pass by. It’s your time to do what you would like. I have often used this time to explore antiques to be used for shamanic tools – last year huge train key was waiting from the year before, and was gifted to me. Monday night we stay at the Jury's Inn in Galway.

Tuesday the 19th of April

We enjoy the morning and lunch in Galway then take in the stunning view along the drive to Clifden Co Mayo and on to the wonderful Kylemore Abbey for an hour exploration. The nuns make lovely soaps and fizzy balth balms - a real treat! 

We drive on through stunning countryside enjoying the views of Co Mayo, then arrive in Grange Co Sligo where we have an evening meal. We then head to the wonderful location of the Benwiskin Centre Ballintrillick, Co Sligo, where we will settle in for a beautiful 4 nights. 

Wednesday the 20th of April

After a lovely breakfast cooked by our dear friend and local Irish goddess Clare (bless you Clare!) we head off to the wonderful site of Carramore. This Megalithic site predates Newgrange by 750 years and connects us once again to the Tua spirit guides. Here we will have a tour and then spend the morning exploring this vast site which has many, many ancient portals. We will be connecting to the energies of the ancestors yet again… Do you think they will tire of us?… I think not!  They are so honored that we are returning to pay respets to them, and our own dead. Bring an offering (earth honoring and small, such as a piece of chocolate or coffee bean) on behalf of someone you have loved who has crossed over. It’s a powerful healing. 

We move on to the coastal town of Strandhill to enjoy lunch and the beautiful sea side. St Patrick passed through here and set up a church, the ruins of which are visible today. We will honor the water with our silence and our laughter. 

We return to the Beniskwin Centre around 5 PM where we relax and enjoy a home cooked Irish meal. After dinner is off to play, journal, rest, or possibly dance—should you be inclined!


Thursday the 21st of April

We head off to the most magnificent location of the Gleniff Horseshoe. This is truly a magical day as this place is steeped in folklore and legend. When I went last year, I made a promise to return, and so we will! This place has wonderful fairy energy and there is even a stretch of“magic road.” There is the cave attached to the legend of Diarmad and Grainne set high up, and it is a place steeped in myth and lore. Just looking at it from a distance conjures up the memories of the ancestors. We’ll do ritual here, honoring our place in life… our history behind us and the future ahead of us. Make a promise and a request of the mountain. It’s potent! 

We then set off for the village of Drumcliff. He lies the grave of the poet WB Yeates who was inspired to write the poetry by the scenery of Sligo. You’ll enjoy more of the amazing Irish  scenery that you have been experiencing over the past few days (you can't get enough, really). Here we enjoy a leisurely lunch. 

We then head for the magical place of Glencar Waterfall. You will feel you have stepped into an Irish jungle! Here you may encounter the fairies as this is the magical place inspired the poem of The Stolen Child by WB Yeats. 

We return to the Benwiskin Centre for another wonderful home cooked meal and a relaxing evening – compliments of myself!


Friday the 22nd of April

This morning you get the morning off to wander, rest, and play!

At 1 PM you can contine to do your own thing OR the Bus will leave the Centre heading to a choice of places, you can be dropped in the beautiful coastal village of Mullaghmore

Or if you fancy some shopping or a wander around the Town of Sligo, the bus will drop you there and arrange a pick time and location. 

Pefer more beach time? We have that option too!

We return by bus to the Benwiskin Centre about 5 and then at 7 PM we head out to the local village of Grange and enjoy a night of good food and a sup of Guinness in a local pub called Langs of Grange

Saturday the 23rd of April

This morning we hold a closing ceremony and offer a thank you to all the wondrous energy from our spirit hosts. Around 11 AM we head back (with lunch on the road) to Dublin where we will have a few hours to explore town, pack, rest, and then have our final celebration meal out in a local pub in Malahide. We are in Malahide this one last night - oh, parting is always such sweet sorrow!

Sunday the 24th of April - Depart for the airport - mid morning to mid-afternoon flights are best.


Includes all instruction, entrance fees, lodging, bus, and breakfasts + two home cooked dinners. All rooms throughout our trip are shared but of course, with everyone in their own bed!

Not Included: Airfare, taxi (can often be shared) to/from Malahide, lunches and most dinners. Also, we suggest 30 Euro for our driver, Liam, who is always amazing, generous and kind.


Final Words

This will be my 9th trip to Ireland. Each one has a different feel to it. Final details may shift SLIGHTLY, as we want to dance with spirit, but this will be the jist of it!

We require a waiver of responsibility and request all who join us be known to be good travelers – meaning we expect no whining, crying, fits of agony and the like! Seriously, we ask for people who know how to manage changes, enjoy others, and take to adventure with ease. It makes the whole trip wonderful for everyone!