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7 Ways To Work With Me

Seven ways to work with Robin Rice, author, teacher, soul mentor, and personal rainmaker. 


1. Search this site. Enjoy the blog, the videos, and the connections to my social media. I’m very active in a whole lot of places so you’ll get lots of short bursts of inspiration for your journey. My app and podcasts are also free! Don't forget to subscribe to get updates by email. I push "send" twice a month, and it’s always linking to the newest, and best, material. 

2. Devour one of my booksThese books are counted as among the “top 3 on my shelf” and “top 5 of my life” by so many readers who have written me, I have lost count. They are all under $20. I promise this will not be your same-old-same-old reading because I write to TRANSFORM the lives of my readers. Yes, really.

3. Join in my 31-day Training Your Inner Warrior online course. This is without a doubt the best bang for your buck - with reviews that are so off-the-charts good, most people don’t believe them. But they are all true. This course changes lives in a way that is completely organic to your own spiritual process.  

4. Book me as a transformational speaker at your next event.  I don’t speak to inform, or inspire… I speak to transform. When we show up to the most important conversations of life, things that have been at a standstill naturally start moving again. That’s my aim when I speak. My motto: Bring it so that they never forget it!

5. Join my year-long apprenticeship in The Art And Practice of Soul Mentoring. This is a dual-purpose program, designed to mentor your own soul to greater heights as well as train you to effectively mentor the soul of others. You’ll get a one-on-one session with me included! The program for 2016 is now open for registration and class size is limited (I’m not just saying we sell out every year, we do – so please don’t hesitate.)

6. Apply for my 10-person tribe to create your own Significant Year the year that changes everything. You get more of me in this program than in any other besides my Rainmaker Consulting. You also get a trip to Ireland included! Yes, we do this program up right. We’re already filling up so apply NOW if you want to be a part of this amazing year.

7. Hire me as your personal Rainmaker. This is your most significant investment, and I only work with 2 people for 6 months at a time. As your rainmaker, you get my personal phone number and the ability to call 24 hours a day. Unless I am teaching, you’ll get my immediate attention. I’m so dedicated to your path, and I will lend you so much of my personal magic, your life will transform in ways you simply cannot imagine possible.