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7 Things You Must Do To Love Your Life

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Buy on Amazon

From Robin: Yes, I really do love my life. It wasn't that way for the first 35 years, but then I learned what it really required, and I went after it whole-hog! I know it's trendy to be unhappy, but I just can't go there anymore. I'm excited to share this with you in ebook and audio book formats.

Come, Love your life! 

This eBook is a transcript from a live-recorded call with Robin Rice… author and mentor to some of the leading executives, artists and entrepreneurs in our world today.

Having mentored thousands of people over the course of her career, these 7 items are the universal “musts” to love the live you are living.

Whether you are close to loving your life, or you cannot imagine loving your life – this is for you.

Robin has worked with people at all levels of happiness and joy—people on the terrible edge of suicide, people who are bored to tears with the life they are living, and people who are happy but want more growth and more possibility and grander horizons… but just don’t know where to go next.

These themes will speak to you no matter where you are on your “love your life” journey.

We will also cover such things as finding the personal growth path that is right for you, what you must avoid and embrace, the vision that is unique to you, and the power of taking risks.

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