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From Robin: My first novel is still the one I'd hand over to St. Peter at the Pearly gates... this story took me to beauty and back in ways that are impossible to explain, but are experienced on every page. Check out the reviews below and you'll see what I mean. Join me for a powerful, page-turning, transformative journey! See the companion guided drumming journey below as well. 

Deep, True, Real

“The most intriguing book I’ve had the pleasure of reading, with lessons worth savoring. I could hear the words, see the sights, and smell the fragrances… like no other book I have ever read. Truly incredible.” –Normie Kane  

From The Back Jacket

That's all she had.
That's all she'd give.
Enthusiastic five-stars have been offered for this spell binding tale that will keep you up to all hours, then send you off dreaming an entirely new kind of dream!  
She was a research scientist desperate to believe in something.  He was trapped in time, waiting for her to remember.  With a medicine man, a little boy, and her own past lives to guide her, it just might be possible to find each other again…  
Blending a variety of mythological and spiritual traditions, A Hundred Ways To Sunday is a quest through the far reaches of time. It explores the questions all women ask about life, love, and finding meaning in a world gone mad.  
From the edges of Canyon de Chelly on the Navajo reservation, through expertly woven shamanic time travels, to a place she can finally call home, Mary Margret’s transformation soon becomes your own.  
A Hundred Ways To Sunday is a book that had found readers returning to it again and again, finding inspiration and insights on every page. With characters that leap off the page, this is a tale you will remember for the rest of your life. Expect to laugh out loud, cry heartfelt tears, sigh with deep soul satisfaction… and want to start re-reading the minute you finish.  
If you loved Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist, Lyn Andrews' Medicine Woman, Carlos Castanada’s The Teachings Of Don Juan, Richard Bach’s Illusions, and Richard Matheson’s Somewhere in Time… you'll be mesmerized by Robin Rice's A Hundred Ways To Sunday. 

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"I couldn't put this book down! When I finished reading, I was wishing for more...days later, I am still thinking about it...."  —Suzanne Brinks 

“I was so totally immersed I felt it was my journey, my awakening and realization... my most treasured book!" —Manni Kang
"…Serves up a mind-blowing epiphany…a deep and magical quest, Rice's masterpiece provokes an inward realization of that which is godlike within us all."  —Joe Jackson 
"… one of my all time favorite books. I have to keep buying it because I share it will my friends and I don't get it back."  —Jane Lawler Dye 
"Extraordinary! Rice takes the reader on a magical journey... the lessons presented remind us of who we've been, who we are, and who we hope to be."  —Roger Moore 
"Really, really wonderful! …offers hope that my struggles really do have a purpose."  —Jean Perkins 
"I couldn’t put it down. There were parts that were so familiar, and others that felt like I was in a class, learning from a great teacher. I am still reeling!”  —Pam Fields 
"A delightful journey of discovery and self-understanding. It works its way into your imagination, your thoughts, and your life.” –Paul Shaw 
"A truly brilliant book. It set me dreaming again.” —Tamela Tilly 
“I Love it! A Hundred Ways helped me continue my journey out of the darkness. One of my favorite books…I have shared it with many to help them as well." —Mary Costanza 
“I couldn't stop reading - significantly life changing!" —Tanya Dixon 
"WOW!!!!! I stayed up into the wee hours… My biggest problem is that I read it so quickly that now I want to reread it…"  —Vicki Fox 
"A thousand thanks…It has been a while since such feelings were evoked in me. Your book has reawakened my eagerness for the search once more..." —Lourdes Gomez 

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