By Way Of Hell

I have yet to meet a person who has asked for life to be MORE - be it DEEPER or TRUER or RICHER - to be given a golden ticket. That kind of request is a gauntlet thrown down to the Universe itself.

And so you must prepare yourself. How much do you care? How far will you go? How serious are you? What trials will you shy away from, saying 'oh, well, I didn't really mean it,' with your head hung low? What trials will you take on, hell or high water, because you are so very sick of your own stagnation? 

It helps to know that the problems that arise are not your fault. They are the price of the golden ticket and that price is assessed on anyone.

Nor did you bring calamity upon yourself through this asking - at least not fully. One cannot NOT grow. Your life demanded it of you. You only think it started with you. 

If it is in you to be a visionary, a novelist, a trapeze artist, then it is. It always has been. When the seed says it is time to burst forth with this astounding creation, you can no more stop it than you can keep a full term baby from being born.  

 In the same way, you will not be able to help falling in love with this newborn creation. Like any mother, the love and joy of the child overwhelms the agony of the birth. I promise you, this heaven is waiting for you, on just the other side of hell.

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