Why drop the story that you are not enough? Because it's just inner diddling with procrastination, fear, and self-absorption. That may sound harsh, but really, haven't we had enough of that meaningless inner conversation? I'm not saying this only to you, I'm saying it to me. To all of us. 

The whole idea of "enough" is about comparison. Enough compared to what? To whom? Enough according to what laws of human existence? Or is it just cultural norms? I think it is just cultural norms. 

When I think of the genius behind Frank Lloyd Wright and Picasso, I will never be enough. But can't I simply be inspired by them? Can't I accept the beauty they create as gifts to the world? When it comes to worth, they were just people, right? They ate breakfast. They died. So do I. So will I. 

Being enough is a premise I want to challenge each and every day. Enough what? Let's drop it and do something we love to do. Really, truly... enough already. 

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