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From Robin: I wrote this book as a gift back to the beauty of Ireland. It heals the pain of the "real" world and helps you access personal growth through the power of dreaming. It is especially powerful for those who have experienced loss and are seeking deeper truths. Join me on these pages...  

Do-Overs offers true transformation

"Must read! Once you begin though, be prepared to clear your schedule until you reach the final sentence... and then find yourself wanting to read EVERYTHING Robin Rice writes! ... 'you' the reader are so immersed in the lives of the characters their lessons become yours."  —Wendy Elwell

From The Back Jacket

He was out of time. She was finally ready. 

After a decade of sharing the same stateside coffee shop, they find each other at the same Irish B and B. Who wouldn't call that fate? Miss Kaitleen and Miss Mairead Of County Meath, Ireland... that who. 

Internationally published contemporary shaman Robin Rice offers this spellbinding tale to make anyone wonder… just who is running my life? 

Bringing back the gods and goddesses of the ancient Tuatha De Danann, Do-Overs is a love story 5,000 years in the making. Will criminal law attorney Giona Lloyd forfeit passing her test so that her true love can pass his? Or will it be pediatric cancer specialist Angus Lukeman—Dr. Luke to his young patients—who makes this grandest of all gestures? 

A story that tests the heart and soul, Do-Overs will take you on a journey you will never forget… 


"Oh My Goddess! What an amazing story. I picked it up to read "a little more" at 8:45 and all of a sudden--it seemed to be maybe 45 minutes tops--I was done and it was one in the morning. I was so jazzed and wide-awake, but I also felt well rested. Very cool experience."  —Terry Osborn

"I read Do-Overs in one sitting and never got out of my pj's. Robin Rice's deepest, most juicy and realized novel yet." —Lori Lothian

"I loved Do-Overs... it was real in a way that I can't prove--even to myself."  —Lila Moonshadow

"WOW WOW WOW! I LOVED it... many tears and smiles. YES YES YES YES YES!"  —Stanford Siver

"I loved it. What a great storyteller. It was a page-turner for me... (I was) in tears on a number of occasions!"  —Keith Powell

"Rich and visually reads like a movie. Like potato chips, once I started, I couldn't read anything else until I was finished. Robin's best book yet."  —Terry Turner

"Do-Overs gave me hope when I needed it... a fast and fascinating read that resonates on a deeply personal level. I have shared all of Robin's books and recommended them often." —Loretta Hocker

"I connected with each of the characters in a way that surprised me. I was thoroughly invested in the books outcome as a result I delighted with each page I turned, with the question of what was next. When it came to an end, I was satisfied with the roller coaster of emotions it elicited."  —Regina Ni Dinn

"Do-Overs transported me to another world, one filled with heartache, passion, and magic. The richness of the story enveloped my entire soul. I didn't want it to end!"  —Sarah Hutchison Nicotra                     

"A tantalizing romance set in a backdrop of Irish myth, you can almost breath the essence of the characters and become one with them on their journeys of self discovery..."  —Dolores Andrew-Gavin

"I... L-O-V-E... LOVE Robin's books!!! I read A Hundred Ways to Sunday because it was gifted to me. I couldn't put it down!! I immediately ordered Venus for a Day & Do-Overs: An Irish Story and devoured them as well... some of my favorite fiction books EVER... worth sharing over & over & over again!"  —Leslie Stein, Lead Like A Girl  

"Each of Robin's books have appeared in my life just as I have needed them, helping guide me through the toughest times. Her books speak to you in an honest, true, and heartfelt way - like your oldest, dearest, closest, wisest, tell-it-like it-is friend... Her books become friends to the reader." —Carolyn Bentley

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