Quotes From Our Most Recent Class Participants: 


Thank you Robin, this has truly been an amazing, insightful and deep 31 days. I really feel like I have so much more awareness of ME now. I can recognize when I'm going in a direction that I don't want to head in, why it's happening and the tools to get me back on track. My Inner Warrior is in place. - K. K.
What Robin does is quite literally out of this world.‬ Over the last decade, I have had the privilege of working with some of the finest metaphysical and spiritual teachers in the world.‬ None of them has the same precision as Robin.‬ What Robin does which is unique is she helps you identify with extraordinary precision what is stopping you from fulfilling your greatest ambitions. ‬And that is worth far more than the cost of the course. This may be one of the best investments you ever make. - A. A.                       
I walked away not only changed on the inside and more awake but as a side effect of this work my external life is also changed for the better.  I know I will keep revisiting what you have offered because it has the depth of many, many levels. It is something that I can continue to work with for a long time to come. I have already started referring others to this course. I am sure I'm not to the only one to say that I'm not who I was when I showed up for this course but so much more of who I truly am. Thank you! - S. M.
Game changer, YES! Life Changing, YES and PRICELESS! The result of the daily lessons and the practical, simple tools changed how I live my life. Tools that I will use for the rest of my life. On day one I felt like a tightly closed bud seeking and asking what is needed to feel and experience my fullest self … by day 31, I experienced the truest form of who God intended me to be. I am and will be forever grateful. The world will hear a clear shout out from me for Training Your Inner Warrior. –D. R.
‬What this amazing course did for me, in 31 short days, is kick the door open on my perception of both what I'm capable of and what is possible for me. I've nabbed my internal Dubious One and am no longer subject to its insidious muttering voice, which kept me from breaking free of negative patterns. I am awake now to that process of inner questioning, and can get in conversation with it without fear. The parameters of possibility have been burst wide open for me, and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you, Robin Rice! - L. M.
Training Your Inner Warrior was truly an unfolding of insights that I could never imagined in 31 shorts days. Each day was a subtle deep sinking in of new ways of to think, change, and grow. So very thankful for this enlightening of my inner power, I've known her all my life and now I can truly appreciate the full use of this loving, strong force. Thank you Robin in my five years of knowing and working with you I've worked hard and grown more than I could have ever dreamed – and this course is truly the real game changer! – P. N.
Thank you, thank you! Your teaching has touched me deeply and I feel powerful and confident moving forward… Changing this one thing has given me a glimpse of who I am and I'm loving me more and more. N. M.
Robin, you gave me the awareness of the S-L-O-W small steps. The space. The allowing. In a different way than I had done it before. I so enjoyed you sharing of your experiences, the stories and videos to help it sink in, and truly, the small tastes you served each day. I was not overwhelmed, which is why I am here now. Not at the finish line but on a new path of discovery. I have the keys now and will be revisiting all 31 days as part of my self "tune ups". What a gift. Thank you.- K. L.
 I love that I have such great insights on how to be successful at the things I want to accomplish. So much to think about in a whole different way. Thank you, Robin.  –E. S.
I'm getting ready to celebrate. With the completion of this class tomorrow, and my DAILY participation since July 1st, I will have broken the long-standing vicious cycle of starting online classes/courses and not completing them. I can't even remember the last class that I finished and worked all the way through. This is a huge milestone for me!! ‬- J. R.
It's total GENIUS how all of this comes together and much of the work is done behind the scene.‬ One of the big things that I see changed in my life is my awareness. Instead of rushing through the days, I stop a lot more often and notice important things I feel I usually would have missed.-D. J.
Deep peace entered my awareness in reading today's beautiful 'lesson'. In awe of my human experience and blessing my growing appreciation for my increasing awareness. - B. E.

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