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Is There A Shaman In You?

Click [here] to read the first chapter

                                Buy ebook on Amazon                               Buy audio book on Amazon

                                Buy ebook on Amazon   
                           Buy audio book on Amazon

From Robin: There is nothing more exciting that discovering the fellow shamans in our world! This book (you can also find it as an audio book HERE) offers you a genuine path of discovery. If you feel pulled, that is the signal that there just might be a shaman in you! 

Join me! 

This eBook and audio book is from a 4-evening call introducing the contemporary Shaman in today’s culture. It was created for Robin Rice’s shamanic students, each of whom was about to embark on a 9-month online apprenticeship and who needed a solid foundation and introduction before they began their work. It was also designed for those individuals who were intrigued by Shamanism and interested to learn whether or not the Shamanic path was calling them to further study. 

  • Evening 1 offers the Essential Questions To Help You Discover If There Is A Shaman In You + Introduction To Upper, Middle & Lower Worlds.
  • Evening 2 offers Key Differences And Similarities Between Traditional And Contemporary Shamans + The Basics Of Soul Retrieval.
  • Evening 3 offers Roles And Opportunities For The Contemporary Shaman In Today’s Culture + The Shaman As Storyteller. 
  • Evening 4 offers The Dangers And Costs Of Shamanic Life + How A Shaman Thinks And Acts Differently Than Others. 

Because this is a lightly edited transcript and the materials were not written as a book, you may find the sentence structure slightly choppy at times. We hope this does not interfere with your reading experience, and that the “psychoactive” energies behind the words come through all the more clearly in this format. 

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