Kind & Generous Words

"Robin Rice is whatever we need her to be. I see her most effectively as a visionary, a mastermind. She can go into groups of people and move the entire group forward. She can revolutionize a trend and take it in a much more meaningful direction. Big mind. Brilliant thinker. Problem solver. A light not of this world, lighting this world. With global reach. If I were Robin for a day, I’d touch everything I walked by. Because everything Robin touches turns to gold. Not just gold as in gold, but gold as in truth, gold as in pure, gold as in love, gold as in beauty, gold as in highest possible possibility. I’d show people where the doors are, the portals, the passageways. I’d unlock people’s handcuffs, and jail cells, and windows. I’d look deep into their eyes so they could know that place within them where they are already free. I’d whisper the secrets of love, life, meaning, truth, soul onto the wind so it would flow into, around, and through everything and everyone. I’d laugh. A lot. That’s what Robin does." - McCall E, Utah

"My soul had sought out a teacher for many years, but nothing truly clicked until I met Robin. After seeing her in action, I knew that this was someone with true purpose and integrity... someone who takes her role as a guide very seriously... someone with whom I would experience a mutually respectful teacher-student relationship... someone who truly walks her talk. My apprenticeship with her has been one of the most intense learning and growth experiences of my life... absolutely THE BEST. This isn't just a class. It's an immersion into a beautiful new way of living!"  - Marni W, Vermont

"Robin has the ability to achieve the greatest of things because her reach transcends physical boundaries. I don't believe in doubt and I can't consider any negative thinking in a mission like hers. Eyes open, full optimism and engines engaged--forward. To whatever that becomes. I've seen Robin in the dark. She can handle anything. If I had to rename her, "TOUCHES FIRE" leaps into my mind. She's been in dangerous situations and managed to "alchemize" them successfully. Also: "SHAMAN 2.0" because she's a modern-day shaman working in an urban, first-world area. Robin’s voice is an incredible vehicle. The music is so compelling.  She has the ability to make people focus inward and listen just by speaking. Her tone is important—I don't enjoy anything preachy, lecture-y, or ominous.  I appreciate optimism, positivity, humor, and issues I can relate to. Robin always offers that."  - Terry N, Arlington, Virginia

"Robin is not interested in me living HER version of "the dream."  She knows there is no THE dream & wants me to find MY dream.  She wants me to be the best ME, not a carbon copy of her, which is what a lot of mentors seem to want. Robin has lived through some really challenging events in her life through which she has hammered & forged a character like none I've ever seen. She is truly a woman of her word, gives more than she takes, lives in true alignment with her values, & is honest in the most refreshing way (even when it is not easy to be so honest).  The more I've worked with her, the more blessed I feel & the more I see just how much she lives what she teaches."  - Leslie S, Nevada

"Klaus Joehle wrote: “The Universe is saying: Allow me to flow through you unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen.” I’ve seen this in Robin at work in County Kerry, Ireland. She teaches shamanism, but also demystifies it. Shamanism is such a loaded word (like religion and spirituality), but for me, part of Robin’s appeal as a Contemporary Shaman is that she weaves her message through the many diverse projects she’s involved in. She is very practical and I’ve seen her wisdom carry through. Her work strikes me as not being aloof, or clandestine. It’s very earthy… very “in the world, but not of the world.” - Dave M, Dublin, Ireland

"Robin as a teacher, mentor, soul-friend and example of how to be in the world is unparalleled. Her knowledge of shamanism and it's applications in contemporary life is an on-going inspiration. It's almost like the world itself is re-birthed for you because, when trained to look with your 'new' shamanic eyes, everything is changed forever and the beauty, meaning of symbols, and love for the Universe is deepened. Colors become more vivid, every interaction becomes full of possibility. With Robin's guidance and teaching, the tools you gain and awareness of your place of service in the world become truly empowering. She is a beautiful, magical, wizened woman. She is gentleness, grace, wisdom, warmth, approachable, and has humor. She's of the earth and yet not, with her watery ways. Even though water is soft, fluid, there's little that can stand in its way.  That’s Robin, someone powerful and with fierce compassion. I see a better world, a ripple effect from Robin that keeps building and spreading out, awakening more, healing more, bringing soul to life for that humanity's story does not have a bitter end.  She makes dreaming into a better world accessible in a simple, elegant, warm, wonderful way..."  -Jennnifer P, Massachusetts

"Robin Rice is about… Gratitude: She understands that all that comes to her and dwells within her is Spirit. Vision: She easily sees beyond the illusion to the heart of the real. Potential: She's committed to helping others realize their own epiphanies. When I think of Robin, the first thing that leaps into my mind is Hozho, the Navajo term that encompasses harmony, truth, beauty and, above all, balance. Also the Hebrew word Shekinah, which stands for the feminine aspects of the presence of God, which some perceive as a goddess of wisdom. From my personal experience with Robin, I see her strongest gift as being a way-shower, showing you your way, not hers, and this is enormously liberating." -Burt K, Florida

"Robin is a leader and warrior, using her gifts to facilitate healing on a world level. This vision is huge and for her, there are no boundaries and no obstacles, as she knows that all can be healed on any level, from any place. She has compassion, which is underlined by fierceness. She has a unique way of touching people, bringing them together. She creates tribes. She unlocks people’s true potential. She has a passion not only to connect and create, but to make a difference to others lives and they to another, creating a ripple. I love how she always offers a mixture of written, audio and visual learning opportunities and makes sure it is assessable on a global scale. When I think of Robin, I imagine worldwide healing from people in small remote villages of India to fast paced stockbrokers in London." - Manni D, Valencia, Spain

"I have been a practitioner for over 25 years. In that time, I acquired many skills to support my clients in their personal growth and healing of the physical, mind, and spiritual bodies. Although the work was powerful and life changing for them, I felt we could only go to a certain point. I always felt there could be so much more but was unable to access what that could be. As Robin’s student, I found the key component that was missing during those many years—the deepest part of a healing process—a way to work toward healing the Soul. Robin can support and encourage you to go deeper into your own brilliance. Working with her in person, I have seen Robin work with “Essence” in a deeply personal way, even to the point of the shifts being reflected in her own physical body. Brilliant, natural, easy, and with great grace, Robin does this as a part of her Being. I have seen her pull the Essence of a person, community or group from any story they may be telling or living, add to that the additional Essence that is needed at that time (courage or compassion, strength, love, resilience, and so on), and then create a new story from the combined Essences to offer a completely new perspective. This is the true power of her storytelling." - Wendy W, North Carolina