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Rainmaker Consulting

Part professional mentor and part personal guide, Robin Rice offers behind-the-scenes support to the world’s leading executives, artists, civic leaders, and entrepreneurs— change agents who find themselves in search of insight, perspective, and expanded personal truth.


With years of experience working with leaders and influencers, Robin understands the promise and complexities of the exceptional mind. Through immersive, six-month engagements, she becomes your thinking partner, developing a detailed program of personal and/or professional growth that caters to your specific

needs, goals, and life context.


Each engagement combines logic-based dialogue, dedicated personal attention, and a project of personal or professional significance—all geared toward addressing a list of clearly defined deliverables.


Robin’s work is distinguished by clarity of expression and insight, extraordinary personal service, and the ability to effect tremendous change in a short period of time.






Dear Prospective Client,


The call to “change the world” can arise as a lofty ideal or as a stark realization of the crises that confront us all. While no one person can do it all, some feel called to harness their genius for the good of the many. These are the exceptional people I choose to support with my own work.


Maybe you are one of them.


I see myself as a change agent who operates behind the scenes, providing insight and guidance to those with the potential to impact their communities and the world at large.


As a contemporary shaman, my task is to restore the soul in an often soulless world. While the concept of soul is difficult to define in the abstract, it’s evident when the deeper self is fractured, weary, or out of balance. The soul’s restoration will lead to dramatic improvements in all aspects of your world, from interior life to career to relationships.


Some clients come to me at a crossroads, while others are in full-blown crisis. I am not a mental health professional, but I have made it my mission to study and understand the mind’s inner workings so that I can offer practical guidance to complement the work I do behind the scenes.


Ultimately, the details of my work are less important than the results. Time and again, I have helped my clients achieve dramatic positive change in a short period of time. I simply wouldn’t offer these services if they weren’t effective.


If you’re a good match for this work, you probably already feel it. The soul in need tends to know when the right help finally appears. The next step is for you and me to discuss your challenges and goals, including the very tangible ways in which we would define and document your progress. All of this is detailed in the pages that follow.


Together we can design a plan for personal change—so that you may continue playing your vital role in changing our world.


Enjoy these materials, and please let me know if you have any questions.


Many blessings,


Robin Rice


P.S. If you would prefer to speak with me directly, feel free to call 410-770-4501.




Process Overview


Your Work With Robin

This is the work that you and Robin do together — in person, via email, and on the phone



Two days of immersive, in-person consultation ensure a strong foundation. Scheduled

discussions are supplemented by email and 24/7 phone access.



At the start of work, you and Robin create a list of clearly defined objectives against which progress will be benchmarked.


Focused Listening

Channeling keen intuition and deep knowledge of personal and spiritual development—as well as decades of independent study on the inner workings of the human mind—Robin offers insights that catalyze progress and metaphors that effectively reframe long-held habits and assumptions.



Your Work in the World

This is where your contributions to the world begin to flourish and multiply



Robin helps develop and implement strategies for making significant progress— and very often breakthroughs— in an important project or initiative.


Reading & Exercises

Robin suggests readings and exercises that supplement and complement the primary work, deepening insights and strengthening personal growth.



Robin’s Work for You

This is the daily work that Robin does behind the scenes on your behalf


Dedicated Attention

Your life becomes a priority for Robin as she works for you each day, directing energy and facilitating progress.



Drawing on her long expertise in contemporary shamanism, Robin applies her genius to maximize yours. By addressing resistance, pain, and loss, Robin helps you move past sticking points.


Shamanic Tools
Robin provides symbolic tools—physical objects that help reshape your emotional and psychic landscape, easing transitions and illuminating pathways.





The Process


What kind of person works with Robin?

Robin prioritizes work with those who have the capacity to make powerful, positive contributions to the world—often through policy, creative media, social action, entrepreneurship, or executive leadership. These individuals have made significant contributions to their professions, but are facing an impasse, challenge, or even crisis.


These are people who recognize the need for additional support and are ready to make a proactive leap in their personal development. They want to go deeper. They know they can push farther. They are ready to take the steps necessary to realize the true potential of their genius.


What is genius?

In this context, “genius” is not a type of person or level of intellect, but a quality that flows freely within and from those of us who think and act creatively on a regular basis.


Many individuals are not comfortable admitting their own genius, yet most who have access to genius recognize that their creative output or business instincts spring from a source that runs deeper than most. They have a sense of being called to greatness and a means of tapping stores of creativity, insight, or charisma.


Robin works to remove the barriers between your genius mind and the vital contributions it is called upon to make. Her ultimate goal is to see this work trickle down to benefit the world at large.


How does the process work?

Robin’s work with you will be entirely customized to your goals and needs.


That said, the work typically follows a similar basic structure and almost always begins with two days of immersive, in-person conversation and planning. Thereafter, you and Robin will talk between two and three hours each week. In every engagement, Robin provides tools that work in the service of your unique goals. These are customized to your needs and situation and arise from the work itself.


The work unfolds in three spaces:


• Your work with Robin – This process focuses on addressing stated deliverables as well as the questions, concerns, and challenges that arise in the course of the engagement.

• Robin’s work for you – Working in the background, Robin applies her own genius, including her expertise as a contemporary shaman, to helping you meet your goals.

• Your work in the world – Each engagement centers on helping you make significant progress on an important project or initiative that has the potential to create a positive impact on the world. While this project may or may not be the central focus of the overall work, it is vital to the process.


Personal growth isn’t easily quantified. How will success be measured?

At the outset, you and Robin work together to define a list of clearly stated deliverables— the desired outcomes of the work. Typically a mix of tangible and intangible outcomes, this list creates a baseline against which progress will be measured. At least twice throughout the engagement, you and Robin will review the deliverables and assign a degree of progress to each—using percentages that lend quantitative measure to a qualitative progress.


What results can I expect?

While it may be difficult to imagine, most past clients have found that deliverables are met ahead of schedule—including those they had initially feared might be beyond their reach. As each deliverable is met, there is an opportunity to revise and go deeper. Robin’s work is unique in both process and results. She often says she would not offer these services if they didn’t work—consistently and well.


What are the time and travel commitments?

Robin gives priority to her Rainmaker clients, which means she will work with your schedule as closely as possible—regardless of your zip code or time zone. Following an initial engagement in either Maryland or your location, expect to spend approximately two to three hours each week in direct communication with Robin.


What are Robin’s qualifications?

For more than a decade, Robin has worked as mentor and advisor to some of the leading players in business, publishing, government, and the arts. She is an internationally published author, a social thought leader, and a leading voice in contemporary shamanism. She has taught personal growth workshops throughout the United States and Europe, has spearheaded social change initiatives, and has leveraged social media outlets to advance her message and guide her many followers. Her works of fiction and nonfiction have been published in three languages.


Is Robin a mental health professional?

No. Robin is not a therapist or a mental health care professional, and her services are not a substitute for mental health treatment for those who need it.


How can I be assured of discretion?

Robin has experience working with high-profile leaders in many fields, including prominent public figures. Her practice and reputation depend on keeping information and identities confidential, and she is willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


I’m already doing too much. How much energy and brain space will this require?

Rapid personal development might seem like a time- and energy-consuming process, but most clients report that the experience is seamless, elegant, and energizing.

Much of the work is done by Robin behind the scenes; your commitment is limited to a few hours of conversation each week—sessions from which clients usually emerge with a clearer head, deeper self-awareness, and an elevated sense of purpose.


What sort of access will I have to Robin?

Robin takes her responsibility to Rainmaker clients seriously and allows for calls 24/7, as needed.


Who has Robin worked with?

Detailed information about Rainmaker clients is something that Robin holds in the strictest confidence. That said, in her work with world-level leaders from a variety of contexts, Robin has mentored and advised:

• Leading philanthropists

• Top players in the news media and publishing industries

• Multinational NGO executives

• Entertainment industry professionals


What is contemporary shamanism?

While the psychologist cares for the mind and the doctor for the body, the shaman nurtures the soul—the essential human core that allows each of us to love, give, receive, create, and feel authentic in our lives. The shaman cares for the soul that has lost its way, grown weary of life, and/or become alienated from itself.


Shamans can also enhance others’ talents, skills, and personal power. As such, Robin only works with those who are inclined to serve the world in positive ways and not with those who seek purely personal gain.


Robin practices shamanic work in a fully contemporary context; the tools and techniques differ from those of indigenous practice, but the end result is the same—soul restoration, deeper self-awareness, and overall contentment.


Do I have to have religious or spiritual beliefs for this to work?

No. Most of the work you do with Robin will feel profoundly rational—two intelligent people having a high-level conversation about personal issues that matter deeply to you. As for Robin’s behind-the-scenes efforts, you simply need to give her permission to work on your behalf. Robin can share these details or not, depending on your preference. Robin has found the work to be equally effective whether or not you “believe” in it.


How long will we work together?

Rainmaker Consulting engagements last six months. In rare cases, additional months are added at the mutual agreement of you and Robin.


Do I have to be famous or influential?

Not necessarily. While many of Robin’s past clients are well-known figures, others have been leaders on the rise and change agents in the lives of others. Her true goal is helping those with the ability to change the world for the better, even if only within their own communities.




What happens at the conclusion of my engagement?

As a Rainmaker alumnus, you will have priority access to Robin on an hourly basis for at least one year after the end date.


I’m interested. What are the next steps?

Call Robin at 410-770-4501 or email her at to begin the conversation.


Powerful work comes from bringing heart and meaning to our lives. It’s soulful and it changes things. Actually, it changes everything.

— Robin Rice






Robin’s approach is firmly down-to-earth—not airy or full of jargon. She’s extremely practical and very warm. And what she says makes sense. It’s logical.


The effects of working with Robin are long-lasting and profound. She helps you to connect with parts of yourself that you may not have been in touch with.


Anyone could benefit from the guidance Robin provides. Certainly influence makers and opinion leaders would be well advised to work with her. She liberates us so that our influence can be even more far-reaching.


Robin is not just a person who thinks outside the box. She throws the box away.


Burt K., filmmaker



Before I met Robin, I was drowning. I was miserable. I was seeking all kinds of professional help, including expensive psychiatrists. Shamanism was outside my realm. But Robin made sense. She cut through the noise and helped me find what I needed.


Robin is a master at picking up the fragments and helping you put them back together in a way that makes you comfortable in your own skin.


Robin is very astute at maintaining an aerial view of your energy and responding with just what you need—whether it’s pushing or pulling, resisting or accepting.


She takes her perceptions, knowledge, and wisdom and puts them into terms that work for you. She boils it down to language you can understand.



Julie G., executive trainer


I grew up in the middle of Utah, in one of the world’s most religious communities. I was one of those people who had never heard of shamanism. But I stumbled upon Robin online and her language resonated. I found something that spoke to my soul. Robin shifted my entire paradigm. It was eye opening. It was as if I were finally awake.


During the six months that we worked together, Robin was my rock. She helped me process everything in a different way. Working with Robin has been completely life changing. People around me will say, “Everything about you is different.” I attribute this to Robin’s work.


It’s not easy facing some of the things life throws our way. I wouldn’t trust anybody else to take me through it. We all find Robin at the right time.


Robin will help you to inhabit your authentic self, the part of you that’s in the background that most people choose to ignore. Robin can bring people to their authentic place, to their authentic presence.


I know so many people who would really benefit from this work.


Shelly H., CEO



Robin reaches a lot of people by working closely, profoundly, and deeply with a few—because her insights trickle on down through them.

—McCall E., entertainer


Robin wants us to be the best versions of ourselves and knows that sometimes means getting uncomfortable. She is willing to be uncomfortable for our growth, and I love that.

—Leslie S., author; pilot; captain, US Army


Robin is very practical, and I’ve seen her wisdom carry through. Her work strikes me as not being aloof or clandestine. It’s in the world, but not of the world.

—Dave M., IT professional


I see a better world, a ripple effect from Robin’s work that keeps building and spreading out. She makes a better world possible by asking the perfect questions—in her simple, elegant, warm, and wonderful way.

—Jennifer P., marine biologist


Most coaching and spiritual offerings fish for you. Robin teaches your spirit to fish.

—David D., author, foreign policy consultant




One Client’s Story




My name is Matthew. I’m a writer and entrepreneur. And a dad. And a flawed but fundamentally hopeful human being. Through an utterly surprising chain of events, I have spent the last six months working with Robin Rice as a Rainmaker client. This document is an accounting of that experience—and the results.


First off, Robin is a shaman, which means her work is primarily concerned with addressing the needs of the soul. I’m not quite sure I can define “soul,” so I’m not going to try. I’m sure we each have our own definition.


It is my understanding that a healthy, intact soul is an important prerequisite for happiness, well-being, health, etc., and in many of us, if not most, the soul is either broken or part of it is missing—a seemingly inevitable result of life in today’s world.


Robin’s job is to restore the soul to health—though she recognizes that not many people think in terms of an ailing soul when they describe the problems they are facing. She calls herself a “contemporary shaman” to acknowledge that she is not practicing in solely indigenous ways. Her tools and methodology are different, but she is aiming for the same basic ends. She is still working in “two worlds”—communing with spirits and energies that most of us can’t access. I know this sounds a little nutty, or a lot nutty, but the funny thing is, 99 percent of my experience with Robin has been soundly rational.


There are three parts to this engagement: work that Robin and I do together, work that I do on my own, and work that Robin does on my behalf.



Work that Robin and I Do Together


Robin and I met in person to kick off the six-month engagement. I brought a list of things I wanted to work on (to be less self-critical, to be less anxious, to re-engage with my passion for my work, etc.). We spent two days going over my list, using it as a guide for discussion. On that very first day, Robin offered a remarkably astute set of observations about who I am and how I operate— the kinds that one might expect to hear from a very wise and rational person. It’s no exaggeration to say I left that meeting with a head full of insight and a heart full of inspiration. If our engagement had been limited to that day, I would still have emerged much better for it.


In the course of those two days, we refined my list to a set of “deliverables”—quite literally, my desired takeaways from our time together. We got very specific, as in (“By March 17, I would like to be 30 percent less anxious than I am now,” and “I would like to be 30 percent better able to clear my head and concentrate than I am today.”) At regular intervals throughout the engagement, Robin and I check back in on the deliverables and chart my progress. Further, as certain deliverables have been met, we refine them or add new, deeper goals. Incredibly, milestones I feared were overly ambitious had already been surpassed just two months in—something Robin says often happens in this work. As

I’ve made progress, the work has adapted accordingly. Today I have my sights set

on goals I couldn’t even have articulated when we started.


Robin and I talk twice a week. During these conversations, which last an hour or so, we continue the discussion—checking in on my progress, reviewing any questions I might have, talking about my current book project. Robin follows my lead, and there is no set agenda, so the topic and approach are always applicable to me, exactly where I am.


In addition to talking, we do exercises meant to complement discussion. Robin has a vast set of techniques. Some are exercises that tap into the body’s knowledge while addressing the soul and mind. Others are focused on rewiring the brain for “exceptional thinking,” which is something Robin does with anyone she works with.


Robin makes herself available to me 24/7 by phone. I have not taken her up on the offer to call in the middle of the night because I’m not in active crisis (some of her clients are). Yet just the fact that someone has extended this degree of willingness and care is incredibly meaningful at a gut level. Her way of describing it is that the soul in need of restoration benefits from this extraordinary degree of attention and safety.



Work That I Do on My Own


In each engagement, Robin focuses on a project on which her client is currently stalled or stuck—whether it’s a piece of policy, a business plan, or a creative endeavor. Robin says that centering work around a tangible, goal-oriented process reveals blockages very quickly—helping Robin figure out where to direct her energies and attention.


In my case, even though I have published many books, I’m now working on a book that I’ve always known I needed to write but hadn’t been able to begin. Robin has led me to adjust my routines, challenge long-held assumptions about my creative process, and remove certain items from my schedule—while adding others. The end result has been a surprising rush of creative energy and ideas for my book. It has been a joy to “wake up” and create again. The reality is that I have a wife, three children, a career, exercise, and volunteer activities to juggle in the course of each day. There are few free moments and basically none in which my brain is left alone to breathe and rest and play. Yet throughout this work, I’ve been riding a constant stream of inspiration. It is truly a gift to have had this opportunity to rearrange my life to optimize my creative processes.


Robin has given me a bunch of books to read, each of which has been profound and instructive in its own way. She says I don’t have to read them, but of course I want to because they are so on target with what I am thinking about and working on.


With Robin’s help, I’ve developed some exercises intended to help still my relentless and anxious mind.


Also, I began running again and have dropped 25 pounds—down to my ideal weight. I believe my running is part of this work, as is my continued commitment to eating better. Interestingly, even though I gave up coffee and started eating better before I started working with Robin, I feel as if these changes might be part of the same overall shift. It was as if I knew something was coming, even though I did not know what. Robin says that this sort of work is not necessarily linear. As in, the “Universe” knew that she was going to be coming into my life long before I did and that I was preparing in certain ways.


I also do a lot of independent writing about the work we are doing, which I post on a shared Dropbox folder for Robin to read. Robin takes notes for some of her clients, but others prefer to take their own notes. Either way, there is a very detailed and confidential record of the work so that we can keep tabs on how far I have progressed.


Work that Robin Does on My Behalf


This is where the “shaman” stuff comes in.


The first day we met, Robin presented me with a handful of “tools”—physical objects meant to focus energy and shape mental/emotional/spiritual changes. Part of Robin’s gift is the ability to intuit which tools will work best for each client’s individual personality, mindset, and goals. She does not “choose” these tools as much as she is directed to them by the spirits and forces with which she consults.


I won’t go into the details of the tools themselves. They’re deeply personal and specific to my situation, and I feel that some of their power might be diminished by trying to describe them. And really, the important thing is the ways in which they’ve helped me throughout this work.


One tool serves as a constant reminder of the dangers of my self-critical attitude and the virtues of flipping the script and being gentler with myself. Another plays the role of benevolent guide, the embodiment of an unseen mentor and advisor that has emerged as my daily anchor, easing the burden of uncertainty, guiding my intuition, and taking the edge off of loneliness. Another tool is working to help me in my decades-long effort to be less restless, to find a space of inner quiet. Yet another helps me quiet the Siren’s call of the to-do list that has long tormented me when I try to fall asleep at night. One serves to kindle the inspiration I need to fuel my various creative projects. Another is working to strengthen the ties between my wife and me. One literally helps me stop and take stock when things get too chaotic. And another helps me keep track of (and value) the progress on my current book project.


When Robin first mentioned the tools, I was skeptical. I knew I needed help, but the idea of using a shamanic tool seemed a bit “out there.” After all, we were trying to improve my interior landscape. What did physical objects have to do with the workings of my mind? But I trusted Robin at a gut level. And so I decided to keep an open mind. Especially because she showed up to our first meeting with tools that spoke exactly to the issues I wanted to address—without our having talked about them first.


Sure enough, the tools worked, just as Robin had said they would. They’ve served as points of focus and nodes of comfort and guidance. They’ve been constant, welcome reminders of things I am trying to change—and also facilitators of that change. And they’ve done what they were supposed to do. Examples: my anxiety is far less pronounced, my sleep is much improved, and I’m able to weather the clamor of my life much more gracefully.


As it turns out, the very thing that I originally questioned about the tools—that they were physical objects that were somehow supposed to have an impact on my interior life—is the thing I’ve come to value most about them. Given all that is abstract and unknowable about this process, the tools are a tangible anchor, something I can grasp and draw upon, whether for strength, insight, or inspiration.


By far the coolest, strangest, and seemingly most powerful work that Robin does on my behalf is shamanic journeying. She goes into a different “state” and gets led by spirit guides on a “journey,”—basically a vision in which she encounters a series of scenarios that are symbolic of my life and my soul trauma. In the course of the journeys, she does work on my behalf—work that creates actual soul healing. For example, in one journey, she saw me fighting a snake that wasn’t actually there. So she pointed this out to me, and I stopped fighting. The snake represented the imaginary obligations and pressures that cause me so much self-inflicted anxiety. Not long after that journey, I felt significant release from the pressures of “the list,” as we’ve come to call it. In another journey, she visited a part of my soul that was split off the day my dad got remarried (a major negative turning point in my life) and convinced the young “me” to come back to my current self. Since that journey, I’ve experienced great relief from irrational, unwelcome (and long unmanageable) feelings of resentment and anger toward my stepmother. Robin was able to access a pain that dwelled in a part of me I could not reach. By addressing it, I have been able to move forward.


Robin has given us “messages” from my wife’s deceased mother—who Robin never met. These messages contain knowledge and insight that are stunning and spot on. Whether or not she is talking to the dead or channeling from a place of profound intuition and empathy, I don’t know. And I don’t really care. These messages have been incredibly comforting and liberating, helping my wife and me move forward in our grief.


Robin tells me that she doesn’t have to tell her clients the details of her shamanic work for it to be effective, and that it doesn’t matter whether I “believe” in the work. Robin contends that whether she talks about it or not, her behind-thescenes work will still impact the lives of those she’s working with. But she is ethically bound not to work on behalf of people without receiving their permission to do so. She finds that telling people about the journeys often helps them buy in to the overall shamanic experience because they are usually so eerily revealing and affirming of the idea that something larger is going on. To me, it makes all the difference that I now have positive, affirming experience with something beyond my previous conceptions of a logical, rational world. My baseline understanding of how things work has been utterly redefined.


Throughout our work, Robin has never asked me to believe in anything, buy any ideas, or make a single change that is not congruent with who I really am. She tells me she is not here to teach me to be like her, but to teach me to be the best version of myself that I can be—the person I really am at my core. My “beliefs” are changing, but not because I am “following” Robin’s beliefs.


My Progress


All of the above explains what Robin and I do—but it seems incomplete because ultimately it’s devoid of how this work makes me feel. When I talk to Robin, I experience a constant flow of connection and understanding. She gets how I’m wired (this happened within the first few minutes of our first conversation) and how I operate (I think she gets how people operate, period), and she helps me make progress by simply looking at a given set of circumstances from a somewhat different perspective. Our conversations appeal to my rational mind. And Robin’s compassionate and logical reframing of what I consider to be my worst aspects allow me to be kinder to myself.


But beyond rational, intellectual realignment, I also just feel better than I did before we started—better than I ever thought possible, really. This work has introduced me to a new scale. In the days leading up to the official start of our work together, Robin had me rate each day on a scale of 1-10. I would give myself 6 or 7 most days, and would occasionally go as high as 8, but I didn’t want to go higher because I had the sense that there was a higher level I had yet to reach. I wanted to save a 9 or 10 for a truly exceptional day. Now, after almost six months working with Robin, I need a new scale, because the way I feel on a good day now would be about a 26 on the scale I was using before.


At the two-month mark, Robin and I checked in on my list of 16 deliverables. Our six-month goal had been 30 percent improvement in each area. Eight weeks into this process, I’d already made at least 30 percent improvement on 14 of my 16 deliverables, had improved by 50-75 percent on a few, and had removed a few entirely because I couldn’t even identify with having included them in the first place. The two items that hadn’t seen much improvement at that point were the quality of my sleep and my jaw.


To me, my jaw is the most amazing thing—I’ve had the problem of surreptitiously clenching and grinding my teeth over the past many years. It’s something I’ve never been able to shake, and was a constant problem in that it becomes a gathering place for tension and anxiety. My face is literally sore by the middle of each afternoon from the clenching, which often leads to headaches. Robin and I did some exercises focused on addressing this, and it seemed to get a little bit better, but it was still really bothering me. Then, a few days after the second shamanic journey Robin took on my behalf, I woke up one morning and the problem was gone. Truly gone. It was as if I had walked with a limp for years and suddenly grew healthy legs.


I wake up each morning and can hardly remember the self I was when I started. My wife has noticed changes, too. For example: a nervous tic. For years, I had repeatedly cleared my throat as I went through my day (from what I can tell, telegraphing frustration, anger, and general discontent), and now I don’t. I didn’t identify removing this tic as a goal of my work with Robin, and yet, somewhere along the line, it disappeared, too.


I probably seem like the same person to most people (though a few have commented that I seem less restless), but what has changed most dramatically is an expansion of personal authenticity. I often behaved the way I knew I was supposed to, or tried to seem as if I were enjoying something that I wasn’t, or that I was present in a given situation when my mind and spirit were really miles away. This work has made me more present, more self-aware, much kinder to myself, and more genuinely me. I’m simply enjoying the state of being myself much more these days.


As good as my progress feels, I can see how much opportunity still lies ahead. My work with Robin has created an awareness of potential and space for growth in many areas. She has created momentum for development that will continue for a lifetime. I know that I will continue to grow in the years that follow the end of our engagement. I feel like I’ve had a tantalizing taste of what is to come, but that I’m just at the beginning of this ride.


What amazes me is the extent to which I’ve bought in to all this—while admitting that if someone else were narrating the exact same experience to me, I’d probably think they were nuts. Because I can feel the profound changes in myself, I have been spared disbelief. I don’t have to be skeptical—this stuff is working.


Sometimes I fear that I’ll lose all this progress I’ve made when Robin is no longer active in my daily life. But she assures me that this is impossible. “You can’t uneducate a person,” she says. Sometimes I feel a little like the De Niro character in Awakenings and want to cling to this newfound insight, lest I lose it. But other times, I know I simply would not be able to return to how I was before.


My work with Robin wraps up in a few weeks, and I’m left to marvel at all that has changed and all that has happened over the past six months: much better sleep, far less anxiety, a book deal with a major publisher, a glowing review for my current book in the Washington Post, a new business plan that is as surprising as it is exciting. I’ve kept the weight off. My relationship with my wife has never been better. And I’m in a consistent creative zone the likes of which I’ve never known before.


The bottom line: I just feel better. I’m happier, day in and day out. And really, what else is there? It’s such an amazing gift from such an unexpected source.

—Matthew S., author and entrepreneur


I wake up each morning and can hardly remember the self I was when I started.

— Matthew S., author and entrepreneur


About Robin


Robin Rice is an internationally published author, thought leader, teacher, and one of the world’s leading voices in contemporary shamanism. Her books have been translated into three languages and distributed in nine countries. Her workshops and social action projects have transformed lives around the world.


Robin has traveled extensively to study indigenous leadership from a wide variety of traditions—experience that forms a vital background for all her work. In addition to her writing and consulting, Robin mentors 60 apprentices annually.


As a thought leader, Robin launches at least one major social change project each year. Recent initiatives include a five-city video empowerment tour and an online outreach effort to support LGBT youth through the holidays. Her project for 2014 is the “Stop The Beauty Madness” book and campaign, which challenges the impossible standards imposed on women by contemporary culture.


Through Rainmaker Consulting, Robin helps leaders, artists, activists, and entrepreneurs move past personal crossroads so that their work might better benefit the world.


To contact Robin: call 410-770-4501 or email


Robin Rice