“The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed.”

- William Gibson

Robin’s youngest rising star is 12. Her oldest is 30. Each one receives all the mentoring and magic of Robin’s rainmaker and thinking partner clients, but at significantly reduced (or no) fee.

Why offer herself to the next generations? Because the future is ever-rapidly approaching and everyone—everyone—needs support on the journey of life. The signposts are sometimes difficult to read no matter how bright or talented you are.

While we have more and more “woke” young people ready to take on the world, hope and good intentions are not enough. The road is long and some things take far more fortitude than we expect. Support from those who have gone before us is almost always what makes the difference.

The Rising Stars that Robin works with are already making things happen in the world. They’ve been identified as ones with promise, and they have proven themselves with early successes in their chosen area of interest (be it chess, science, philanthropy, politics or something altogether new). Most of all, they are committed to continuing to contribute to a better world for many decades to come.

If you are, or know of, a rising star that is in need of guidance, use the contact form below to inquire about Robin’s availability.

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