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Robin Rice offers custom one-on-one programs, "changing the lives of people who are changing the world." 


"I’ve been working with Robin Rice, who is very hard to describe except that she may be the wisest person I’ve ever personally known." - Emily McDowell, Artist, Entrepreneur, and creator of Empathy Cards

“My work with Robin was extremely impactful on many levels. Her coaching was tactical and immediate and helped me address professional challenges that seemed insurmountable. A year later, I find the impact of the work has amplified. Life's challenges continue to present themselves, but I have a new set of tools for how to address them and a confidence in my own ability to do so that deepens over time.” - Jessi Hempel, Head of Editorial, Backchannel, Wired Magazine

“I am one of the lucky few who has had the opportunity to spend six months in close conversation with Robin Rice, tackling my most intractable challenges and pursuing my wildest ambitions. No other person has done more to transform my experience of life, to expand my awareness, and to unlock my potential. Past barriers have crumbled. Dreams really have been coming true. I wake up each morning and can hardly remember the self I was when I started. Making the decision to work with Robin was the greatest leap of faith (and best investment in myself) I have ever made. If you are stuck and actually want to move past the mountain in front of you, Robin will show you how to climb it." Matthew Swanson, Author & Entrepreneur

“Before I met Robin, my life was just fine. I had a good job, a stable home life, and probably a gentle, painless slide into irrelevance. I met Robin over the phone, and she knew immediately that "just fine" was killing me, draining my soul and sapping my energy. As an academic and professional communicator, I don't take terms such as "soul mentor" lightly, but that is what Robin has been for me, and there will be children and adults across this nation who will benefit from the change she has helped work in me and through me. In a world thirsty for people who can make a difference, Robin is truly a rainmaker, and a nurturer of rainmakers.” - Chris Riemann, PhD, CREATE For STEM Institute, MSU

My one-on-one work is a passionate commitment to both my client and the world at large. If you are making an impact and find yourself in need of personal support and guidance for your life and your work, please inquire below.

This work is designed to create a great impact over a six-month period, staring with a full weekend together. For more a more detailed PDF of my Rainmaker program, please inquire using the form below. Note that fees are significant.

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