Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

—Arthur C. Clarke

When you are among the best, what kind of help actually helps?

If you are like most who work with Robin, you are already good at what you do. You’ve found some share of recognition and success (even if you sometimes feel like an imposter to it), but now the future is calling for an even greater step forward. While more risk and reward sounds good on paper, you wonder how you are going to actually pull it off. Isn’t life already crazy enough?

You are clear that you don’t need a therapist or you already have a good one. Definitely not a paint-by-numbers coach. Not exactly an accountability partner or motivational puller-and-prodder, though sometimes those things are helpful.

What you really need is someone to help you find a consistent way forward—one that doesn’t kill you in the effort—and some real joy along the way, too.

Ideally, this someone is an experienced life traveler who deeply understands the journey and can adapt the mythological truths to your truth, your life, your dream.

Even more than that, it would be wonderful to find a kind of personal rainmaker to get in there and… Make. Things. Happen.

But does such a person even exist?

She does.

Part professional mentor, part personal muse, and part full-on magician, Robin offers behind-the-scenes support to executives, artists, civic leaders, and entrepreneurs—change agents who find themselves in need of insight, perspective, and expanded personal truths. Those who need to solve real problems in lasting ways.

With decades of experience, Robin understands the promise and complexities of the creative mind. She knows the mountainous pressure faced by those in the public eye. But most of all, she knows about helping her fellow humans move past seemingly intractable barriers, and how the right insight or paradigm shift can bring about cascading change.

Through immersive, six-month engagements, Robin becomes your thinking partner, your confidant, and your go-to personal alchemist. Using timeless techniques learned from shamans and healers around the globe, she adds her own talent for observing patterns, an extensive knowledge of the human-heroic journey, and a powerfully honed intuition.

In spite of the mystical backdrop of her work, Robin offers a remarkably rational approach—developing a detailed, measurable program of personal and professional growth that caters to your specific needs, goals, and life context. Each engagement combines logic-based dialogue, dedicated personal attention, and a project of personal or professional significance that serves as both benchmark and catalyst. All work is geared toward addressing a list of clearly defined deliverables that—as Robin’s work has consistently born out, even in the most difficult circumstances—will be met (and often exceeded) within the six-month engagement period.

Even if you think this will work for others but not you (a common fear), it can and does work for anyone who shows up to it. All you need to do is make the powerful decision to move past your current stalemate.

There’s only one catch, and it’s a big one:

You must be committed to making the world—at least your corner of it—a better place.

What Others Say

"I’ve been working with Robin Rice, who is very hard to describe except that she may be the wisest person I’ve ever personally known. Together we have remapped and reshaped my life and my offering in the world." —Emily McDowell, Author and Entrepreneur

“My work with Robin was extremely impactful on many levels. Her work was tactical and immediate and helped me address professional challenges that seemed insurmountable. A year later, I find the impact of the work has amplified. Life's challenges continue to present themselves, but I have a new set of tools for how to address them and a confidence in my own ability to do so that deepens over time.” —Jessi Hempel, Head of Editorial, Backchannel, Wired Magazine

“Robin thrives on working with world level leaders who want to create powerful, positive change. Inevitably, working with Robin will shape and impact your entire circle of influence. Robin is present, reliable, and relishes on results.” —Andreas Thrasy, Chairman of MyHotels, London

“I am one of the lucky few who has had the opportunity to spend six months in close conversation with Robin Rice, tackling my most intractable challenges and pursuing my wildest ambitions. No other person has done more to transform my experience of life, to expand my awareness, and to unlock my potential. I wake up each morning and can hardly remember the self I was when I started. If you are stuck and actually want to move past the mountain in front of you, Robin will show you how." —Matthew Swanson, Author

“As an academic and professional communicator, I don't take terms such as "soul mentor" lightly, but that is what Robin has been for me, and there will be children and adults across this nation who will benefit from the change she has helped work in me and through me. In a world thirsty for people who can make a difference, Robin is truly a rainmaker, and a nurturer of rainmakers.” —Chris Riemann, PhD, CREATE For STEM Institute, MSU

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