Spend 2020 with Robin Rice

A Year Of Extraordinary Personal And Profession GrowtH

For Women

There comes a time when it is simply time…

When the age-old question of “If not now, when?” stops being a philosophical concept and becomes a cry from the depths of the soul.

When we are ready to do what we must, which is to transform into the person we have come here to be and to give this world what only we can give. When we are ready to write a new inner narrative and outer-world story with what poet Mary Oliver called our “one wild and precious life.” 

But feeling ready is sometimes not enough. Sometimes we feel ready yet spin and spin. We know we have to take action, and it is disheartening to know that and then… spin more.

In this case, we cannot more forward alone. 

Fortunately, we don’t have to.



  • We can identify our call to this world, our “task” large or small, and commit to getting on with it.

  • We can awaken to our True Self so that when the most promising doors to our work open, we see them and know they are ours.

  • We can do the inner work needed to make ourselves ready and then begin the external quest with newfound direction.

  • We can transform the powerful stories we tell the world and ourselves so that our task is supported by all we know to be true and good.

  • We can harness our “maker instinct” (more on that below) to help solve problems for the world… and so complete ourselves.

  • We can try, succeed (or fail), adjust, tweak or pivot, and then try again—each time, with the support of our fellows, learning to not. give. up.

  • We can choose to grow new relationships so that we are most likely to be in the right place at the right time for the opportunities of a lifetime—knowing that, with intention, expectation, preparation, and alchemical magic, they will come.

  • We can face our inner fears and roadblocks, going deep at the moment of their arrival, so that these do not divert us yet again.

  • We can gather our courage and come to terms with the risks that arrive alongside every creation process, so that we both wisely consider and then do not hesitate.

  • We can learn to connect to the greater Universe so that we are sure we are having the right conversation, and sending the right signals, to go exactly where we want to go.

  • By deeply and thoroughly understanding the differences between our habitual brain and our greater mind, we can choose our thoughts and send them out before us, creating maps for the roads we wish to travel.

  • We can choose to gain true leverage by surrounding ourselves with others of like mind—those who also know it is time. Like a struck tuning fork, as they naturally go about doing their own powerful work, they will set us vibrating to the pitch of “yes” and “onward” and “you can.”

  • Most of all, we can take the next right step—step after step—for the work we came here to do… because if not now, when?

Years from now, do you want to be able to look back

And say this was the year that changed everything? 

“My work with Robin was the most important work I have done over the course of my career. It broadened my vision for what was possible, elevated my creative work, and led to that work being recognized and rewarded… Her work was tactical and immediate and helped me address professional challenges that seemed insurmountable. A year later, I find the impact of the work has amplified. Life's challenges continue to present themselves, but I have a new set of tools for how to address them and a confidence in my own ability to do so that deepens over time.”

—Jessi Hempel, Sr. Editor at Large, LinkedIn and Host of LinkedIn’s Podcast Hello, Mondays!

“…Robin works actual miracles, enabling change that seems otherwise impossible. If you have a dream or a goal and feel stuck, blocked, or hopeless, give Robin a chance to change your life. She certainly changed mine. I can think of no greater gift to oneself (or investment in one's inner life and outer fortune) than to spend a year in conversation with this wise, smart, intuitive, talented person. I am one of the lucky few who has had the opportunity to spend six months in close conversation with Robin, tackling my most intractable challenges and pursuing my wildest ambitions. No other person has done more to transform my experience of life, to expand my awareness, and to unlock my potential. I wake up each morning and can hardly remember the self I was when I started. If you are stuck and actually want to move past the mountain in front of you, Robin will show you how."

—Matthew Swanson, Writer/Owner/Art Director at Idiots’ Books


The Maker Instinct

There is a “maker” instinct in each of us. Something that urges us to create and contribute. It’s a powerful force and a natural draw. It is waiting for you to be willing to raise your hand and jump in. 

The maker instinct often arrives when we recognize something is “wrong” in our world. The age-old literature tells this story clearly—we feel the wrong and also the call to right it. Ten thousand things may be wrong, but this one is ours to do something about.

At the same time, our maker instinct arises as a natural part of our unique personalities—a need to create something that is highly personal to us, something that seems to have always been there, an itch we have not yet scratched. 

In whatever way it arrives, the maker instinct does not care how good you are, because you get good through the doing of it. But it does care how authentic you are. How willing you are. How one-step-in-front-of-the-other ready you are.

That is one reason why in The Significant Year, we create an outer goal (your project or task in the world), an inner goal (something big you have not yet been able to tackle on your own that will swiftly move your life forward), and a “moon shot” —something we ask life to bring us that is seemingly “impossible” but raises the bar. Together, with each other, each of these create powerful movement!

The Problem Is…

Our current culture today—ripe as it is with opportunity—is not conducive to making, growing, and truly connecting. It’s conducive to distraction, to overdoing what doesn’t really need to be done, and to letting our doubts wound our dreams before they can even begin to take flight.

To make something within and without you, then, you will need a clan, a tribe, a village, a team… and also a mentor. 

As creative guru Seth Godin has said, “The usual marathons, the popular ones, are done in a group. They have a start time. A finish line. A way to qualify. A route. A crowd. … The other kind of marathon is one that anyone can run, any day of the year. Put on your sneakers, run out the door and come back 26 miles later. These are rare. It’s worth noting that much of what we do in creating a project, launching a business or developing a career is a lot closer to the second kind of marathon. No wonder it’s so difficult.”

Yes, it is difficult. But does it have to be that difficult? Can’t we soloists decide to collectively create a start time and a finish line—together? Isn’t there another way, a middle road between solo and mass-corporate that actually works and fits our nature and our lives?

I know there is. I’ve successfully found it many times. In fact, creating powerful, supportive, forward-moving groups is one of MY most natural maker instincts. 


Mentoring + Mastermind

Napoleon Hill defined a Mastermind group as “a friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one another to follow through with both plan and purpose.” As Lynn McTaggart has proven in the research for her book The Power Of Eight (we will be 7 + Robin = 8), you can discover how to tap into your extraordinary human capacity for connection and healing using “the miraculous power of group intention.” Lynn spent 10 years experimenting with small and large groups, learning how the power of group intention can heal our lives and change the world for the better. The greatest truth is this: “Group intention has a mirror effect, not only affecting the recipient but also reflecting back on the senders.” 

My own mastermind mentor, Karen Greenstreet, puts it like this: “There is synergy of energy, commitment, and excitement that participants bring to a Mastermind Group… participants raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion. Mastermind participants act as catalysts for growth, devil’s advocates and supportive colleagues.” She quotes Napoleon Hill as well: "No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind."

To that I would add that there is a deep need for real connection in our world and this group supports that. You show up to the group and the group shows up to you. This is more support than you can imagine. It’s actually very beautiful. I’ve done it before and it WORKS. With this flowing connection, you can do things in this group that you can’t “get yourself to do” on your own.

NEW! We also have an OPTIONAL member expertise consulting “co-op” that allows you to give more of your time to one person, and receive direct help from that or another member of the group. In addition to your group of 7, you’ll have access to 11 others currently going through a different cohort that started in September, 2019.

With a mastermind, our “maker” instinct has support, community, and a creative boost that we simply cannot attain on our own. And when we show up with arms around us, things happen. Magical things. Really.

Yet even with a powerful mastermind, most creators need more. They need a coach or mentor—someone willing to get into the weeds with them, then add their own magic to help make. things. happen

That’s where our one-on-one mentoring sessions come in. That’s my other super power.

I’ve been doing this work for more than a decade, and I’ve risen in the ranks to mentor some of the most influential, productive, and creative people in the world. Why? Because I know how to get results. Yes, results—even for those who think they are the exception. (By the way, that’s the story most of my clients have at the start our work… but never at the finish!) 

So that is our one-two punch: a mastermind followed by personal mentoring. 

With both, your Significant Year will absolutely be significant. 

Welcoming Artists, Entrepreneurs, And Other Change Agents


It is one thing to mentor personal growth, and another altogether to bridge the gap between that inner work and making things to put out in the world. From million-dollar book deals, to Broadway and television contracts, to moving through the insane daily schedules of international CEO’s, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve also been teaching/mentoring others in year-long courses such as the “art and practice of mentoring the soul” and “healing with presence and beauty” for more than a decade. 


Here are a few results you really can reasonably expect (because I have seen them occur time and time again): 

  • A transformation of identity (a felt sense of you being who you are meant to be).

  • A shift in one major internal block that is holding everything back.

  • Powerful progress on a significant project that moves the needle in your life.

  • A sense of not being alone in accomplishing the work you came here to offer.

  • A container to hold, define, understand, and shape your next-level growth.

  • A mentor who guides with intensity—yet does not push—to achieve the best possible results.

"You've seen my coaching methods, right? You see how intense I can be? The reason I am intense is because intensity begets greatness. You are great, and it will be my job and my privilege to bring the greatness out in you." - Seal, The Voice 2013



My role is part teacher, part thinking partner, part maker of magic.

Unlike some of my larger programs, in this Significant Year you get… me. Not a sub or apprentice teacher. Not a recorded video. Me—live, present, and committed to supporting your transformation in the same way I do my top mentoring clients.

But who am I? 

I am a teacher of those things that we all know deep within and yet can sometimes barely remember in our day-to-day life. I teach only to the point where the teaching is useful, and then I bow and remove myself so the inner teacher can take over. Some of the things I have taught previously include the art and practice of mentoring the soul, healing with presence and beauty, contemporary shamanism (10 years), training your inner warrior, multi-dimensional self-inquiry, alchemy, and ancient mythology. I have now trained more than 150 apprentices through year-long programs. 

As your thinking partner, my task is to help you see in both the macro and the micro levels of your inner and outer life. I work in terms of “layers and levels” so that any problem can be addressed in multiple ways. My beginning stance is to seek what has not yet been considered and to find what is right before exploring what is wrong. I believe in considering the premise and underlying concerns of any question before trying to answer it. Partnered thinking, like a powerful and intimate dance, allows new ideas to emerge where once there were only blocks, feelings of resistance, and a seeming litany of “failures.”

As a magician, part of my job is tapping into the ever-flowing fountain of genius that is everywhere around us and putting it to work for you. While this is the hardest to describe, while we work together I will lend you my own alchemical magic until you are in full possession of your own (please understand, I do not do this lightly). I own my creative genius as a simple fact, a fountain that can be tapped into at any time. I know that we are—each and every one of us—carriers of genius, even though some are too far removed from this to imagine it. In The Significant Year, my task is to return you to the awareness of your own genius and then to help you express it toward your true calling and soul desires. If your fountain of genius has yet to be primed or seems to have too shallow of a well at present, I am happy to gift you from the overflow of my own.

In specific, my knowledge base is rooted in shamanism, mysticism, mythology, alchemy, and the way of the Tao. I apply these fundamentals to different aspects of work—spiritual transformation, high-performance mentoring, master storytelling, and personal crisis management. I am well versed in the entrepreneurial journey as played out in our contemporary world (hello, Silicon Valley). I have skills in writing and publishing book-length fiction and non-fiction in multiple countries. I am a pioneer in social change, with skills in many areas of social and creative media. I am honored to have worked with some of the best and brightest minds on the planet today and to have witnessed powerful transformation in as little as a few days.

Also note that I am a student as well—a student of the Tao in general and alchemy in specific. At this time, I follow a path which instructs to strive for "100 shots, 100 bullseyes." Of course, I fail. Of course, I forget. But more and more, I remember. So if it helps you to see me as a fellow student, not a staunch authority, please do. It is true. 


Others Have Seen The Shift You Desire:

"I’ve been working with Robin Rice, who is very hard to describe except that she may be the wisest person I’ve ever personally known. Together we have remapped and reshaped my life and my offering in the world." —Emily McDowell, Author and Entrepreneur 

“Robin thrives on working with world level leaders who want to create powerful, positive change. Inevitably, working with Robin will shape and impact your entire circle of influence. Robin is present, reliable, and relishes results.” —Andreas Thrasy, Chairman of MyHotels, London

“As an academic and professional communicator, I don't take terms such as "soul mentor" lightly, but that is what Robin has been for me, and there will be children and adults across this nation who will benefit from the change she has helped work in me and through me. In a world thirsty for people who can make a difference, Robin is truly a rainmaker, and a nurturer of rainmakers.” —Chris Riemann, PhD, CREATE For STEM Institute, MSU

infn8_SMALL 5.jpg

“...from now on, just know this: It’s on, man. It is on. You know what I’m saying?... Somewhere up there is a star with your name on it… I’ve got pretty strong shoulders, and you can stand on my shoulders while you are looking for that star. You hear? …Stand on my shoulders and reach, man. Reach.”

- Gil Reyes, coach to Andre Agassi


Your deepest dreams. Your brightest plans. Your most hopeful hopes. 

The Significant Year is about being, and doing, and growing, and shifting—so that the person you are at the start of the year has made leaps in internal and external growth by the end of the year, if not within our very first weeks. It is as much about who you want to become as it is what you want to do, though the time for doing in our world is clearly now. 

To truly progress, it is helpful to work with a concrete plan as we make our way through our year. Because of this, you will bring a piece of work to dive into. Please understand—this does not need to be your greatest work... your Magnum Opus... your most important work ever. It simply needs to be a work that is important to you and that you can feel good about diving into for a full year. Part of our work is deciding and clarifying this very thing.


Perhaps it is a book you wish to write. A cause you want to champion. A company or service you want to launch. A challenging art form you wish to learn. A rise within the ranks that you have been preparing for, yet need support to leap into. A set of skills you deeply desire to develop. Any concrete work that allows you to say "Yes, I can point to how and where I worked on this today" will do.

There is only one caveat: It must have the aim of a positive impact on our world. Why? Because I will not lend my own magic to anything less. Not with where the world is now. 

While a true Significant Year is always about far more than what you can point to, this piece of work will be the foundation and fodder that our inner work revolves around. It will help me understand your processes and where they break down, and thus how to be of holistic help. It will also be the focus of our mastermind so that you MOVE INTO what you dream. 

Having something concrete to work with, we stop spinning through theory and ideals and get down to the fundamentals of creation. As it turns out, the very same processes that help you create something tangible will help you create the intangible, and vice versa (thus, very often our two tracks will find each other in the end). Together, we will create a life design and systems that will serve you for a lifetime. 

This is the same process I have used in my work with my Rainmaker Consulting clients—men and women at the very top of their game and world-level contribution—and it has proven powerful time and again. 

So ... If you are here to create something for our world, and for yourself in the process, I will help you. Your small group of fellows will help you. Together, the power of the Universe will be set in motion to bring this significance toward you.

If you know it is time and are willing to show up, you are perfect for this program. 

Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much. - Hellen Keller


You Will Receive:


Held on Zoom, this is YOU time! While our masterminds are focused on external needs, in these calls we will work on the inner opportunities that can move your transformation forward—FAST. As my Rainmaker clients know, even one hour can move the needle in a powerful way. Our work is never scripted, because the greatest genius comes from dancing with the Tao in the moment it appears. Your inner needs will direct the nature of the work, but I will also bring ideas to the table. Together, we’ll make magic! 

Your video call will be audio recorded, and the audio will be shared with the group. (On rare occasions when the material is too private, we may agree to waive this; however, learning from others is often even more valuable than being “taught” directly. Whenever possible, we want to share these highly potent discussions.) You are not required to listen to everyone’s calls, but you’ll be encouraged to follow the journey of one or two fellows—those you feel you can learn the most from. This also creates intimacy within our group, making our community bonds strong. You’ll have all of the calls to keep forever so that you can find new inspiration (or revisit favorite calls) long after our year has ended. 


Keeping in mind that we fully awaken to ourselves through exploration, not pushing, we will dive deeply and repeatedly into a fusion of six highly relevant areas of life—Money, Health, Relationships, Contribution/Community, Spirituality, and Freedom alongside six important mastery themes—Flow, Identity, Self-Possession, Trust, Connection, and Presence. The result is a repeated self-inquiry that offers greater and greater depth and breadth. From this, we have a solid basis for authenticity and self-expression in all areas of our life.  



Our 90-minute calls are weekly for the two 18-week terms that our class is in session (Jan-June and September - December), excluding our summer schedule when we have an open library. These are pivotal to your Significant Year and where you will receive insight and support from your fellows. Calls are recorded and shared, but note that you can only miss one per six-week session before being asked to sit out for one session. Masterminds only work when people show up. Likewise, a Significant Year can’t happen without real presence. This container is not meant to be punitive, but instead to serve as a wise container. As I often say, a river without riverbanks is a flood. It can’t move powerfully—and we are going for powerful movement! 


While my popular “Training Your Inner Warrior” is always free, throughout our summer you’ll have complete access to my video-based “Mastering Your Inner Warrior” and other courses, including “Finding Your Voice,” “Becoming a Master Storyteller (With Your Life),” “Growing Through Flow States,” “The Seven Things You Must Do to Love Your Life,” and “Introduction to Contemporary Shamanism.” You’ll also get PDF versions of all four of my novels (yours to keep) and other audio soundtracks I’ve recorded. In short, study anything you want—the library is open! 

Access to Our Inner Circle Consulting Co-Op

Our OPTIONAL member consulting “co-op” allows you to trade half-hour consulting sessions with anyone in the class. This allows you to give and receive offline when you have a topic you need a deep dive into. Participate as much or as little as you like.

BONUS TRAINING: How Great Marketing Works Online Program (lifetime membership)

You will also be given the materials to “How Great Marketing Works,” the extensive online program from my own business mentor, Finola Howard. This extraordinary walk-through of how to market your product, service, or social change initiative will be available to guide you through each and every step needed to create a successful marketing strategy. As Finola says, “If someone’s been there before, there’s got to be a map. A map that updates and stays relevant so when you go off course you can find your way back again. This is what How Great Marketing Works is about.” Finola has worked with thousands of businesses and seen the patterns in how they behave, when they fall, why they fall, and how they pick themselves up again.

Even if you don’t plan to market yourself or a product, this helps you define and clarify every part of your creation, thus enabling you to move quickly and powerfully through your work. It also helps you know where you need help—which is where your mastermind and private sessions come in!

Is This Program For You?



  • You are a woman seeking support in real progress in the company of other women

  • You know you have something to give and are willing to receive, which means you have accomplished other things you have intended in the past and have experiences to share.

  • You have not been able to get enough traction on your own for this next stage of your life.

  • You know something about what you want next (even if you are not fully clear), but sometimes it feels too big or otherwise out of reach.

  • You are ready, willing, and able to show up for yourself and your fellows.

  • You feel “called” (whatever that means to you) to this work and support, even if you cannot say just why.

One important caveat: I can’t make you show up. I can’t stop you from talking yourself into not showing up. I can’t undo all the mental rehearsing that you actively do to tell yourself why you are different, “beyond help,” or deeply unworthy. That part is on you, and if you have not yet moved past this inner hurdle, this won’t be for you. We are bringing together a group that, with support, can and will step up.




Maximum 7 Participants.


Completely online using our personal platform at BeWhoYouAre.com and Zoom video conferencing.


One-On-One calls are by arranged appointment.

Mastermind Zoom video calls (no call-in only options to maintain a greater intimacy of the group) are 90 minutes long and follow U.S. changes in Daylight Savings. (NOTE: If you are interested but this call time does not work for you, please indicate that in the form below.)

  • Wednesdays 2-3:30 pm Eastern US / 11-12:30 Pacific US / 7:00-8:30 pm Ireland/UK


For a full year of support, mentoring, mastermind, and “significant friendship” (as my current group calls them), your significant investment is $5,997.

**For an early-bird discount of $1,000 off ONLY through November 30, 2019 (total $4,997), please pay IN FULL within 5 days of acceptance. 

Need Payments? I’m glad to announce we are now offering a payment plan. You can make a non-refundable deposit of $1,197 must be made within 5 days of acceptance into the program. You will then make twelve monthly automated payments of $400 starting January 1, 2020 (total paid will be $5,997). Note: The early bird special is NOT offered to those making payments and payments are due regardless of your attendance and participation (though if you don’t plan to show up, don’t sign up, because we WANT and need you there!)

Note that some employers will contribute or pay in full. An invoice for “professional development” is also available for business or tax purposes; ask your company or accountant if you are unsure. 

To honor your space and encourage full commitment, no refunds are offered.

If your time is now, I’m here.

TO APPLY: If this is calling (singing, even!) to your heart, mind, and soul, send me a note using the form below and we’ll find a time to schedule a short call to connect (not to “sell” or “kick tires” but to feel a mutual connection) as part of our application process. Note that the last time I offered The Significant Year, 75% of the applications were accepted into the program. I am looking for the right fit—not simply bodies to fill spaces. We’ll be together for a year and collectively the group will be the highlight. With care and attention, the right mix will allow everyone to soar.

Ask your future self.... was This the year that changed everything? 

Name *
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