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+ Live Events

Robin Rice is an internationally published author, spiritual teacher and social change artist. Subscribe HERE.




Recent Events

Geneva, Switzerland ~ Private Leadership Coaching

Zurich, Switzerland ~ Lifestyle Design Convention

Dublin, Ireland ~ Yearly 10-Day Ancient Ireland Tour

Berlin, Germany ~ Mind Conference At Google

Washington D.C. ~ Association For Meeting Professionals

Warsaw, Poland ~ mBank Speaking + Private Leadership Training

Geneva, Switzerland ~ CLP, Private Leadership Training

Washington DC ~ 100 Visionaries Live Event

London, England ~ Private Leadership Training

About Speaking And Leadership Training With Robin Rice

Hello Friends From Around The Globe!

No matter how I show up in the world - writing, teaching, training or speaking - my philosophy is simple: Always, always, always... bring something REAL. This means there will be solid content, actionable ideas, and visionary motivation. 

The way I see it, our world doesn't have time for another speech that waxes eloquent but doesn't change anything. It's a powerful time - let's take full advantage of everyone's desire for something better. 

Below are some of my most recent topics:

  • Staying Human In A Digital World
  • Designing Your Life For Flow States
  • The Evolutionary Mindset

To learn more about what I can offer your audience, please use the contact form at the top of this page. I look forward to hearing from you!