There Comes A Time When You Have Simply Had Enough. Enough of the impossible standards. Enough of the "ideal" image. Most of all, enough of the feeling of NOT ENOUGH when it comes to your own beauty. There also comes a time when an entire culture of women have had it. When blogs and ad campaigns and AS-IS selfie pictures start to change the rules of the game. That time is now. That culture is this culture.

I did something about it by creating 25+ graphic ads and highlighting the FrontLine Voices with a 10-Week Audio Series that went out to the world... for free. The project went viral, gaining worldwide coverage with press in more than 30 countries and visitors to the website from more than 100 countries. To see all of the ads and listen to our FrontLine Voices, visit

Media from 30 Countries Covered The Campaign

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A Few of the ads...

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