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*Kick The Sugar Habit Using Essential Oils*




Let me start by saying what I always say: Let’s. Do. Something. Real. Here. In this case, it's time to get real about Sugar. It’s killing us, individually and collectively. You know it and I know it. 

I could go into the science of the addictive-like cycles of Sugar and how studies have shown that the exact same brain centers that get lit up by hard drugs get lit up by Sugar  (in fact, 8x more!), but most likely you already know one or more of these cycles in your own life:

  • You are willing to drive 15 minutes out of your way to get a specific sugar "fix" and call it a "treat" - maybe even blaming it on the caffeine, or...
  • You are seduced by some combo of grains, fats and salts together - bread and sweet butter, salty crackers or bagel and cheese - even though you know you can't really digest them well (yes, there is science behind these especially addictive Sugar+ combos), or..
  • You are "hungry" all the time, even after you've eaten a whole meal - the "I can't possibly be hungry!" syndrome, or...
  • When you find yourself overeating when you are already "stuffed" because everything tastes soooo good, and you will only stop when it literally hurts to eat more, or...
  • Maybe you don't feel drawn to "sweets," but other sugar laden junk food are your downfall and they are every bit as hard to say "no" to, or... 

You know as well as I do all the excessive Sugar use has to stop. But how? You've tried. We've all tried. And we have all felt guilty about our "lack of self control" because we have not understood that not only are we facing some major brain and body "addictions" we are also facing a cultural epidemic - the current "opiate of the people."

Here's how I can help... 

A five day summer "camp" for adults that uses 1) group support 2) brain science and 3) pleasure "hits" from essential oils that replace what sugar normally does for you. 

Why summer camp? Summertime is the very best time to make this important shift such as cutting down on excessive Sugar. We have the longer, lighter days to brighten our mood. We are more active, which helps keep our minds from obsessing about the changes we are making. The heat makes heavy eating less pleasurable. Drinking extra water, which helps flush our system of Sugar as a toxin, is so much easier. It all adds up to the perfect season for change.

Why a group setting? Science has proven that those who work and play together are healthier - yes, even online. People with life-threatening illnesses in a support group do better than those alone. This is BIG and not to be overlooked when we want to make a significant change like reducing our excessive Sugar intake. Since there is a lot of shame around excessive eating, often our attempts are made alone. But brain science has proven that you get a boost in "happiness" not only because of what you get from others, but amazingly, because of what you give! Yes, GIVING is a powerful feel-good that can lift your spirits  - much nicer than Sugar, don’t you think? 

Why for adults? Because we adults have to go first. We are the leaders. We can't ask our kids to change if we won't. It's not fair, it won't work, and I'm not going to place the burden on kids when we have ourselves to fix first. 

Why five days?  Because you can do anything for five days and it feels amazing to have a "win" in the Sugar arena! With that success, you can build and go further and farther. Five days is enough time for you to really experience how Sugar is at play in your life, and decide on longer term changes you want to make. Five days allows you to jump in, go strong, and then step back and think about what you learned. 

What My Team Found

I always do my homework when I offer something like this. So even though it worked for me, I also took 20 people on two separate weeks in my beta test camp. We found:

  • We were cranky day one and two, but by day three, we had breakthroughs in both body and spirit.
  • By day three, we were able to see how Sugar was playing a role in our life (not in a good way) and start to have victories over that.
  • By Thursday, most of us found that hunger as we knew it (which is to say craving mimicking hunger, not real hunger) subsided. We didn't crave ANY specific foods (including but not limited to Sugar), thus we ate less naturally. 
  • We encountered our natural resistances to social pressures, typical hidden Sugar moves, and got support from the oils and each other to really think then through instead of go back to our standard behaviors. 
  • By Friday, we had a real sense of how we wanted to move forward with Sugar. We felt a freedom we didn't know we needed. We felt accomplished, finally successful in our efforts, and very empowered! 

Do you have to go of ALL Sugar?

Not at all. You know what is right for you, what your problem foods and drinks are, and what you are up for in this five day camp. I'll share some suggestions from my work on "Training Your Inner Warrior" that will help you decide.  But what you eliminate is 100% up to you. I personally started with all fast and junk food, then moved on to all grains which I was always "hungry" for. That success encouraged me to go further and drop my Sugary coffee drinks and then finally, to drop all Sugar. Today I am pretty much Sugar free with a few pieces of fruit each week. 

Why Essential Oils?

After reading and teaching about how much of what drives us is in our body-brain connection, and realizing how much of our Sugar behavior is tied to our unknowingly reaching for "endorphin hits," get our "happy hits" that we normally use Sugar for. Since the vast majority of the pleasure we experience in food is actually in our nose, not our mouth (just trying having a delicious meal when you have a cold - doesn't work!), I wondered about using powerful, potent essential oils to replace our Sugar high. Turns out, it is amazingly helpful. I've experimented with the best oils, and the best ways to use them, to get the best effects. But hands down, this was a game changer for me, and those on my test teams!  


  • Desperate to get off soda and coffee drinks?
  • Love to spend a week without vending machines at 3 in the afternoon?
  • Dying to feel the personal victory of leaving deserts on the menu?
  • Love to feel like you have support when emotional eating is calling?
  • Want to help change the world (or even just your circle of influence) by being the change you want to see around Sugar?

Great! I’m with you! And here's A Few Reasons You Might Enjoy Me As Your Guide

You can learn about me HERE. In addition, you might want to know...

  • As a mentor to world-level change makers at Rainmaker Consulting, I’ve seen some of the best and brightest through total life makeovers. 
  • I’ve been facilitating powerful transformation-based classes online for years. I know how to make true support “travel” over the internet miles. 
  • I’ve been teaching people to Train Your Inner Warrior for a while, and we use the olfactory sense to “reprogram” unwanted thoughts with great success – some of those same ideas will be a part of our camp.
  • I have personal experience in changing many of my own most unwanted habits and I tested this program with two different groups before opening it to the public… it works! 

What Our Test Groups Had To Say About It:

"The word revelation was used by Robin and that's how, in such a short time, I feel about this week of less sugar combined with using essential oils as a support system. The five days went deeper than I imagined they would and I'm very grateful for the eye-opener, in every sense of that word. I'm excited for what this shift in lifestyle will bring in wellness, and just seeing the world in a truer way." - Jenn P
"I'm several weeks in and I don't even want sugar any more. That is priceless!" - Dolores G
"Let's face it, giving up sugar is hard. Using essential oils created pleasurable experiences along the journey. It's amazing what a 2 minute "breather" with the oils can do. It took my mind off food for a couple of minutes and allowed me to really assess whether I was hungry, bored, or unsatisfied in someway. I noticed I would use food to satisfy me when my lack of satisfaction had nothing to do with food. What a great way to change a habit." -Laura F
"My commitment started out with no sweets and breads, but by day two I was off sugar completely! You won't regret this program." - Diane C.
"I was excitedI for this 5-day camp because I had just decided something needed to change with my sugar use. For these five days, I chose to eliminate all desserts like cakes cookies candy, etc... I figured I'd save eliminating other simple carbs for another time. I found the oils profoundly helpful in redirecting my thoughts when I had a craving or felt weak knee'd about saying no to something right in front of me. They kept me conscious, calm (there were still some sharp tongued days), and quenched my thirst for something sweet. The oils greatly assisted me to be firmer with my decision for a healthier lifestyle and it almost felt as though they were friends cheering me along in their own way. I loved the community page where I could express a vent or success or simply read someone else's and realize that I was not alone in my experience.  Results included rediscovery of real hunger vs craving, and becoming conscious of what I eat and why." -Patty E
"When I started the 5 day summer camp, I felt my eating was pretty clean. I didn't think I would notice that much of a difference. Boy was I wrong. I knew the oils were effective but the support that I received from them was perfect. The 2 minutes I took to really smell and breathe them in was difficult at first. Two minutes seemed like a very long time... but the difference is amazing!!!" - Julie M
 "I'm a fairly clean eater but I drank huge amounts of coffee with sugar added to every cup. Notice I said 'drank!' Post cleanse, I had one cup with the same sugar and it was like sipping treacle. My body is craving REAL nourishment from my core. Using the oils to help with the process made it pleasurable. I found that they supported my journey on every level. Instead of looking for the next "fix" I found myself processing emotions that needed to come up. I feel great!" - Claire L

So, are you with us? 

Shall we do this thing together? Yes! There are two ways to join (NOTE, some of our offerings have changed, please read the current offerings below):

1) 5-Day Camp With 2 Week Supply of Oils:  $110 for anyone inside the United States (*send email to inquire if you are not inside the United States: 

  • 11 Essential Oils - Three 5 ML of our main oils and 8 other samplers - enough for two full weeks
  • Six days of written and video lessons - including our 5 days of camp plus a kick off day
  • Custom “Sweeter Without Sugar” downloadable audio meditation.
  • A secret Facebook group with a dedicated facilitator from my team each week 
  • The book Modern Essentials - while supplies last only, order early (sold out- but I'll send you a little something extra!)
  • Tamara Gerlach's Radiant Body Stretch DVD - while supplies last only, order early! 
  • A second week FREE
  • Free shipping 

2) If you already have your oils - that is awesome! We want you using only top grade essential oils, but if you have access to your own oils, you can elect to take the class and order your own oils (to be clear, NO class materials will come by mail) for the discounted price of $79. CLICK HERE  for the "I have my own oils" discounted registration links.


  1. While oils are provided as optional support, when registering you agree to use your own wisdom about which oils to use or not use. NEVER use any product you don’t feel comfortable with. If you have any medical concerns, contact a doctor before starting this program or any other. Please, join us using your own wisdom about what is right for you - we are not responsible for what you do or do not do in regards to your health, sugar intake or use of essential oils.
  2. Refunds: Purchase mindfully, as we will begin to ship your order immediately, and as such do not offer refunds. 


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