The Art & Practice Of Soul Mentoring

ApprenticeShip 2016 

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Dear Prospective Apprentice,

I am here on this planet in this time to transform lives. I am here to awaken, to heal, and to reveal the beauty of life to others. One of the most significant ways any of us can do that is through mentoring the soul. I'd love to share with you exactly how you can transform lives, year after year - and how we can transform your own as you learn.

Is it time to train your gifts so that you can help others become deep and sure on their soul journey?

Do you crave a deeper, more vibrant relationship to your own soul, so that your work in the world can blossom?

Are you looking for a teacher who will show you the way - but also support you as you make the work your own? 

If so, The Art & Practice Of Soul Mentoring offers you a genuine immersion and a profound, wash-over-you experience. It's about growing and sharing your wisdom, insight, and soul truths - not just more information. 

This is the course I wish I had been offered many years ago when my own heart and soul was dying to be seen, heard and felt in real and tangible ways. I was desperate to help our world, but I simply didn't have the tools. I tried "coaching," but it didn't go deep enough to meet my own path. I wanted bone-deep and soul-true. I wanted maps. I wanted synthesis. Most of all, I wanted it to lead somewhere. 

I turned to the soul-based books in the "New Age" section of the bookstore, but they quickly became repetitive, as if every book was written at a college 101 level, and I was seeking a 501 level. I turned to Eastern Thought and Mysticism, and I surely did find the depth! I was inspired, but found the material hard to apply to my everyday life. I studied and practiced shamanism, traveling the world to meet with indigenous leaders, but knew I was not called to live in the desert or the jungle. 

Dancing between soul healing and awakening, I knew I needed something that pulled it all together in a way that was meaningful to my contemporary life. I knew it had to include all that I was being inspired by through the many beautiful spiritual traditions, but also that could synthesize it so I knew how to live what I was learning. Not finding what I was looking for, I finally just started living it, and then created the very thing I had been looking for. Now I bring it to others who are a few steps (or even a few years) behind me on the path.

This apprenticeship as it stands now has evolved through several years of teaching. I have refined it to focus on the most essential information and experiences and the results of my well over 100 year-long apprentices. Those who go deep into the material consistently give it an“off the charts” 5-star rating, knowing their life has been activated and transformed as a result of the material and immersion experience. Perhaps most gratifying, they have said it makes sense in very real and concrete ways.

This year, for the first time, I include a six week session on the path to awakening. This comes from my own 17-year journey after my first awakening experience. (You can learn more about that through my videos.)

I’ve shared a good deal of information on the course below because I realize that a year-long program it is a big commitment, especially if you are considering welcoming a new "teacher" into your life. Even so, I hope you will notice that this is NOT one of those hypnotically long sales pages designed to “sell” you something with a dozen buy now links, heavy yellow highlights or screaming red text. I'll even put the program fee here at the top of the page ($3,800 with an optional $150 certification testing fee) so that you do not have to scroll down to find it. That’s just not what I am about and it does not bring me the kind of student I would want. To me, you are a soul on the path, and we are considering having an important and divine encounter through the age-old tradition of mentorship. That has meaning to me and I do respect it. 

I trust that as you read these words you will know what is true for you, deep down, and whether or not you are called to work with me. If you can’t feel it, it’s probably not for you. On the other hand, if your soul is nearly jumping for joy, perhaps this is what you have been looking for. If so, read on... 

With Love, 


        "I have been a practitioner for over 25 years. In that time, I acquired many skills to support my clients in their personal growth and healing of the physical, mind, and spiritual bodies. Although the work was powerful and life changing for them, I felt we could only go to a certain point. I always felt there could be so much more but was unable to access what that could be. As Robin’s student, I found the key component that was missing during those many years—the deepest part of a healing process—a way to work toward healing the Soul. Robin can support and encourage you to go deeper into your own brilliance. In person, I have seen Robin work with “Essence” in a deeply personal way, even to the point of the shifts being reflected in her own physical body. Brilliant, natural, easy, and with great grace, Robin does this as a part of her Being." –Wendy Weatherwax

{ program overview }

Beauty is the language of the healthy soul.

A lack of beauty – be it in what you see, feel, or even in the “conversation in your head” – is a sign of a weary, wounded or fractured soul.

We live in a culture that places a low value on the soul’s experience. We don’t even have a commonly agreed upon definition of what the soul is. It isn't safe to talk about. Meanwhile, our culture celebrates beauty - but only through what you can buy, own and display in the material world. It offers everything for sale, yet what we buy never quenches our thirst.

Thus, the soul—that aspect of our truest self which attends to the needs and desires of our deeper nature—has lost its way. Our access to genuine happiness, let alone joy, and our trust in ourselves and the meaning in our life is diminished. Additionally, we have a loss of community and a sense that any problems we have are of our own making. If we do not have the resources to meet the need, we are simply out of luck. Collectively, this has led to a place where nearly every social system, from how we birth and celebrate to how we grieve and die, has become virtually soulless.

So many feel alone, unheard, and unsupported—oftentimes in their own families.

The only cure is a return to the life of the soul.

In many times and tribes around the world, the care of the soul was in the province of the shaman. It was "community support" in the most vital of ways – through the healthy heart and soul of each community member. 

While training as a fully fledged shaman is NOT the focus of this course (that is a lifelong pursuit), in this apprenticeship you will be training to be a conduit for presence and beauty as it is experienced through the soul - just as the shaman is that conduit. You will gain the education and insight needed to help yourself and your community, and to become a metaphorical “coat from the cold” to those who are drawn to you.

What each must seek in his life never was on land or sea. It is something out of his own unique potentiality for experience, something that never has been and never could have been experienced by anyone else.

- Joseph Campbell

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What is soul mentoring?

Soul Mentoring is the art form of eliciting the soul truth of another. We may be at a greater level of mastery (I love the saying that a master is someone who is five steps ahead with a lantern) or we may be peer mentors, one helping another in turn. Our intention in mentoring is to give the deeper, hidden and greater self — that dimension in us that we would call the SOUL — space to emerge so that it can be seen and heard. We offer a dynamic, open space in which the soul can communicate what it is looking for.

In our contemporary culture, we have all kinds of questions and quizzes and diagnosis. But to simply invite the soul to arrive and to speak? That doesn’t happen often enough. When it does happen, something in us alchemizes. Something comes alive. I like to call it becoming “psychoactive” in the Greater Mind and Universe. My former students will tell you that a lot more will come from the soul mentoring sessions that are a part of our program than can be logically deduced — just one hour can be hugely catalyzing!

There is no script.

There are no checklists and no set rules of this-then-that. As such, it will require your own soulful transformation to become an effective mentor to others. In this case, you cannot fake it till you make it. Instead, you must live it until you become it, and share it because it is who you are. 

This work is an art form. You must train to dance with the many layers and levels of truth that wish to be heard. Our primary task is to allow the Soul to share its needs, wishes, goals and plans. If you can know what the soul wants, and you can know where the soul wants to go, then there is a path for the soul to travel on, and (and last!) a sense of direction can emerge. 

When we excavate the hidden element of soul that is everywhere and yet oh-so-difficult to define or put words to…

When we can give it some possible language and space and freedom, so that it feels like it is allowed to express itself…

When we can listen with no opinion of our own so that Spirit can come through… magic happens.

Are you ready to become a conduit of magic?


{ specific course contents }

Our focus is five-fold:

I. Mapping the soul's journey through the most potent life systems that have been brought forward through the ages. Spanning alchemy, mythology, the hero/heroine's journey, and the six paths of beauty, we dive deep into finding exactly where a person is on their soulful journey and thus, where the next natural steps are to be found. These maps show us where a person has been, where they are, and where they are going - a deep relief for those who feel life has been only random meandering. We have five books that are required reading as part of this, which you will purchase on your own.

II. Your personal life path and soul growth. Through weekly lessons, homework, class calls, and "psychoactive" soul mentoring calls with you and your fellow apprentices as my "clients," you learn exactly how I do what I do, as well as how, where and when the magic arrives. (By the way, this is what makes this an apprenticeship instead of a simple course - you learn by immersion in the work.) We learn to address and shift the different layers and levels of life, from the hard realities to the extreme potentials. This personal work cannot help but spill into your professional offerings.

III. Creating custom tools to work with the deeper layers of the soul. James Baldwin said, "People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them." If so, how do we get them out? I believe we need special tools that speak to the very soul of us. This is my signature work that brings in the contemporary shamanic work I have taught for many years. Tools give us leverage, allowing us to manifest inner changes more quickly, and with more ease, than would ordinarily be possible. And yes, a lovely box of tools will come with your apprenticeship! 

IV. Becoming a master storyteller. As a novelist, I understand the power of crafting a story that is compelling to the soul. When we become the master storyteller in our own life, we begin writing our story instead of reading it. With the class materials and experiences you gain in this apprenticeship, you'll have the ability to help craft powerful stories for others and with your own life. If you are struggling with your life purpose, be assured we will address this directly. 

V. Mastering "Metaskills" - those skills that once honed and refined, change every aspect of our life. This includes a full month of "Training Your Inner Warrior" (my most popular course) in the middle of our program. If you have taken it before, plan to go deeper! If you have not taken it, you are in for a great treat! When we train our inner warrior, we are not pushing, but training the wisdom keeper in us that won't let us go back to sleep. This is powerful work that each of us must undertake in order to be a true "grown up" in our own lives. 


Listen To Sample Soul Mentoring Calls From Our 2013-14 Apprenticeship

Our Call With Joan - A Nearly Lifelong Conundrum With Weight Issues

Our Call With Karen  - Having The Courage To Trust In The Unknown, Living Your Vision, Honoring Powerful Grief Through Completion

Our Call With Dave - Being A Regal And Awakening Man

{ Details }

We are in session for six, 6-week sessions with integration breaks between each session, for a total of 36 weeks of lessons, plus a one-month Training Your Inner Warrior course to refine your skills at the end of your lesson program. Optional testing for certification will be December 10 - 20. 

  • Session 1 January 1 - February 12 
  • Session 2  Feb 29 - April 8
  • Session 3  April 25 - June 3 
  • Session 4 June 20 – July 29 (most of August off!)
  • Session 5  August 29 - October 1 
  • Training Your Inner Warrior: October 1 - October 31
  • Session 6 November 1- December 9
  • Optional Testing: December 10 - December 20 

Each week consists of a of soul-based writing prompt (pondering-while-walking options for non-writers available!), a word of the week to contemplate, and a lesson in soul maps and/or meta-skills. In addition, we have a weekly class call (these are psychoactive and cover a wide range of topics) and an individual soul mentoring call (all calls are recorded).

The course material is 100% taught by Robin Rice. While there will be Teaching Assistants to help facilitate and answer technical, process, or situation-specific personal questions, Robin creates all course materials and conducts all teaching calls. 

The hour-long one-on-one sessions are offered to all class members (optional, one per student). They are public teachings with time for questions about the process (not the content) after each call. This direct teaching by example allows an immersion in the energies, a sharing of the dance, and an outside perspective that simply cannot be gained through any other vehicle. Most students report their own transformation occurs in every call of another - such is the nature of the depth that transcends specifics, which is the very depth we are going for! The calls provide a firm foundation in soul mentoring as well as powerfully transforming sessions that move you forward in leaps, not baby steps. All calls are recorded for listening if your time zones/schedule do not permit a live listening experience.

Our platform includes a private, password-protected blog, a conference call that can be accessed by phone or website, and a secret Facebook group. 

Testing is optional but required for certification (we are sorry, no continuing education credits are available). Testing is done with real mentoring clients with process documentation and mentoring calls recorded and evaluated by Teaching Assistants. There is an additional $150 fee for testing and certification. 

{ ideal applicants }

This education is appropriate for those who are already “healers” or “helpers” in some form, as well as those seeking to create a soul mentoring career. Life Coaches, lawyers, doctors, executives, massage therapists, yoga teachers and others will find they can offer powerful support through their more “ordinary reality” jobs. It is how we work with others, and how we bring soulful presence and beauty to our work that makes all the difference. We welcome anyone who works with others and wishes to do so with greater presence and beauty.

The material will challenge you to look at your journey to this point and make forward strides at deeper levels. While there are no official prerequisites, you should NOT be new to your own spiritual path. It does not matter what tradition you follow, and it is fine if you have no set tradition. It is only essential that you feel secure in the foundation and validity of your own essential spiritual understanding.  In short: This is a deep, immersion-based course. You will want to feel ready for that deep diving.

{ what others say... }

My soul had sought out a teacher for many years, but nothing truly clicked until I met Robin. After seeing her in action, I knew that this was someone with true purpose and integrity… someone who takes her role as a guide very seriously… someone with whom I would experience a mutually respectful teacher-student relationship… someone who truly walks her talk. My apprenticeship with her has been one of the most intense learning and growth experiences of my life… absolutely THE BEST. This isn’t just a class. It’s an immersion into a beautiful new way of living! ~ Marni W, Vermont
Robin Rice is whatever we need her to be. I see her most affectively as a visionary, a mastermind. She can go into groups of people and move the entire group forward. She can revolutionize a trend and take it in a much more meaningful direction. Big mind. Brilliant thinker. Problem solver. A light not of this world, lighting this world. With global reach. If I were Robin for a day, I’d touch everything I walked by. Because everything Robin touches turns to gold. Not just gold as in gold, but gold as in truth, gold as in pure, gold as in love, gold as in beauty, gold as in highest possible possibility. I’d show people where the doors are, the portals, the passageways. I’d unlock people’s handcuffs, and jail cells, and windows. I’d look deep into their eyes so they could know that place within them where they are already free. I’d whisper the secrets of love, life, meaning, truth, soul onto the wind so it would flow into, around, and through everything and everyone. I’d laugh. A lot. That’s what Robin does. -McCall E, Utah.
A Robin has the ability to achieve the greatest of things because her reach transcends physical boundaries. I don’t believe in doubt and I can’t consider any negative thinking in a mission like hers. Eyes open, full optimism and engines engaged–forward. To whatever that becomes. I’ve seen Robin in the dark. She can handle anything. If I had to rename her, “TOUCHES FIRE” leaps into my mind. She’s been in dangerous situations and managed to “alchemize” them successfully. Also: “SHAMAN 2.0″ because she’s a modern-day shaman working in an urban, first-world area. Robin’s voice is an incredible vehicle. The music is so compelling. She has the ability to make people focus inward and listen just by speaking. Her tone is important—I don’t enjoy anything preachy, lecture-y, or ominous.  I appreciate optimism, positivity, humor, and issues I can relate to. Robin always offers that. –Terry N, Arlington, Virginia
Robin is not interested in me living HER version of “the dream.”  She knows there is no THE dream & wants me to find MY dream.  She wants me to be the best ME, not a carbon copy of her, which is what a lot of mentors seem to want. Robin has lived through some really challenging events in her life through which she has hammered & forged a character like none I’ve ever seen. She is truly a woman of her word, gives more than she takes, lives in true alignment with her values, & is honest in the most refreshing way (even when it is not easy to be so honest).  The more I’ve worked with her, the more blessed I feel & the more I see just how much she lives what she teaches.  -Leslie S, Nevada
Robin as a teacher, mentor, soul-friend and example of how to be in the world is unparalleled. With Robin’s guidance and teaching, the tools you gain and awareness of your place of service in the world become truly empowering. The women of my tribe are now friends, sisters for life. They are amazing, supportive, loving creative souls that I will never, ever forget. The lack of judgment, mutual respect and shared magic, wisdom and dreams have enriched my life in ways I knew were missing, but did not know before how to fill the void ~ or if it was even possible. Robin is a beautiful, magical, wizened woman. She is gentleness, grace, wisdom, warmth, approachable, and has humor. She’s of the earth and yet not, with her watery ways. Even though water is soft, fluid, there’s little that can stand in its way.  That’s Robin, someone powerful and with fierce compassion. I see a better world, a ripple effect from Robin that keeps building and spreading out, awakening more, healing more, bringing soul to life for everyone…so that humanity’s story does not have a bitter end.  She makes dreaming into a better world accessible in a simple, elegant, warm, wonderful way… -Jennifer P, Massachusetts
Robin Rice is about… Gratitude: She understands that all that comes to her and dwells within her is Spirit. Vision: She easily sees beyond the illusion to the heart of the real. Potential: She’s committed to helping others realize their own epiphanies. When I think of Robin, the first thing that leaps into my mind is Hozho, the Navajo term that encompasses harmony, truth, beauty and, above all, balance. Also the Hebrew word Shekinah, which stands for the feminine aspects of the presence of God, which some perceive as a goddess of wisdom. From my personal experience with Robin, I see her strongest gift as being a way-shower, showing you your way, not hers, and this is enormously liberating. -Burt K, Florida.
Robin is a leader and warrior, using her gifts to facilitate healing on a world level. This vision is huge and for her, there are no boundaries and no obstacles, as she knows that all can be healed on any level, from any place. She has compassion, which is underlined by fierceness. She has a unique way of touching people, bringing them together. She creates tribes. She unlocks people’s true potential. She has a passion not only to connect and create, but to make a difference to others lives and they to another, creating a ripple. I love how she always offers a mixture of written, audio and visual learning opportunities and makes sure it is assessable on a global scale. When I think of Robin, I imagine worldwide healing from people in small remote villages of India to fast paced stockbrokers in London. As for her apprenticeship, it is full on and VERY deep. I went through feelings of doubt, despair and fear, as I thought I wasn’t good enough to be on this path, but there was a pull to be here. As the apprenticeship progressed, so did I. There were moments of true epiphany, the tools and rituals and shifting were all amazing and not just gifts for me, but gifts I could give to others and make a difference in all of our lives. I am truly grateful to have Robin as a mentor, teacher and guide as her depth and wisdom is out of this world. -Manni D, Valencia, Spain

{ fees, deposit and registration }

Fee: $3,800. This includes a beauty box/tool set with a custom USB for all your materials. There is an optional testing for certification fee of $150, which you may decide about and elect to pay at the end of the course. You will have five books that are required reading and which can be ordered on Amazon. 

NEW: Payment plans are available if the full fee would keep you from applying. Please comment in the application "is there anything else we should know" section and make your $500 deposit - we will get in touch with you to set up a payment plan that works for you. 



Q: Is the application a screening process for applicants? 

A: Yes. We want to be sure we have a group of like-minded participants and so we do review your application before a final acceptance letter is sent. If we don't feel we are a good match, we refund your payment immediately. 

Q: Do I have to be internet savvy to take this course?

A: Yes. You will want to have a Facebook account and know your way around there, and be able to have access to our website. That said, this program was developed to be the utmost of ease.

Q: What about time zones and class call times?

A: Everything can be done at your own time. We will vary live call times for our open class calls and mentoring based on the needs of each of you, and some will be more convenient than others, but in all cases you will get a follow-up recording and the opportunity to ask questions in written form, so you won’t miss anything.

Q: Do you offer scholarships?

A: Sadly, after many years and many scholarships, I have found that those gifted almost always take the course work less seriously and thus end up missing out on the very value of the course. Because of this, we no longer offer scholarships.

Q: Will I get personal attention if I have personal problems?  

A: We do expect "life problems" as that is the nature of life! However, this is primarily an educational program. Other than your one-hour soul mentoring call once during our apprenticeship, your personal processes are not directly facilitated by Robin or your TA. 

Q: You use the word shaman. What is your definition as it relates to this apprenticeship?

A: Shamans have been found throughout the world and in all times of history. As seers, healers, and “bridges to other worlds,” they have had the role of helping community members maintain soul-based health and wellness. Often identified by their “oddities,” unusual perceptions and even seemingly “magical” gifts, today such individuals can still be found in our big cities as well as small towns. While the path of shamanism is a difficult one to discover in contemporary society, and most who have these gifts have had no formal education offered to develop them, those who discover this path usually feel as though they are finally discovering the “language” their own soul speaks. It is a great relief to learn there is a place for their shamanic soul in contemporary culture.

Q: Is there a "governing body" for soul mentoring work and can I get insurance? 

A: There is no set criteria for coaching or mentoring in the US. Many who do coaching, mentoring or other similar professional work choose to do it without insurance. Others choose to join a religious organization in order to get insurance for a soul mentoring practice. This decision is solely up to you and the path you choose to take with your education. We are not held responsible for any use of the education provided here. All decisions are your own. 

Q: Can I take this course just for my own benefit - not to become a soul mentor?

A: Of course! In this case, simply do what you care to do, and leave the rest. It will be a powerful experience either way. We do appreciate, however, that you let us know so we are aware of your intentions. 

If you have additional questions, please email 

Risk Hope. Pour your soul into self belief. Be outrageous and audacious in your vision for yourself. It is a greater risk to play it small and not give yourself the room to manifest your greatness.