When do you need a thinking partner? When your questions have become too small for you.

Thinking Is an art form. who helps You Think?

Even the greatest minds get stuck in the quagmires and eddies of their own thought processes.

Perhaps your best ideas lie beyond the vision of those around you, forcing your enterprise into limited scope or impact. Perhaps you have outgrown your current life situation and need a fresh angle, the one that will add real genius to your work or life. Perhaps you can no longer see the hidden “holes in the sidewalk,” so you keep falling into the same old traps, staying stuck for too long.

In such cases, a thinking partner is a critical resource—especially as the speed and volume of change outstrip your daily bandwidth. This is when you will find Robin’s unique style of “design thinking” most valuable. Combining innovative processes for spurring original thought, a whole-body approach derived from ancient wisdom (Robin has studied side-by-side with indigenous leaders from around the world), and a strong dose of intuitive-creative “medicine,” this work follows no script and is never a one-size-fits-all approach.

Robin has helped the world’s leading writers, entrepreneurs, artists, politicians, and social change activists think through million-dollar book proposals, navigate emerging dilemmas in artificial intelligence, move into a new and more compelling public story, and create strategic growth initiatives in the rapidly evolving hospitality and healthcare industries.

Now, she’s here to help you.


Each Thinking Partner engagement begins with Robin learning the basics of your work and world, She asks questions, looks for patterns, and makes observations that help you can see old challenges in new light. The resulting perspective prompts reflection, action, testing, and further reflection.

Sometimes Robin’s questions take you deeper and sometimes further out. Always they spur counterintuitive conversations that yield unexpected insight. Once she has fully explored your situation, Robin offers potential avenues for forward movement that are both organic and actionable. You’ll know when you’ve found the right direction, and you’ll take it from there.

Thinking Partner sessions can be set up as weekly, hour-long appointments for a minimum of 3 months or on a longer-term project basis. You are welcome to choose any area of personal or professional life you feel could benefit from deeper reflection or support.

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