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From Robin: I wrote this book to help heal the painful beauty and body image issues most women suffer from. Join me on these pages... Venus will challenge you, Sydney will right true, and most of all, you'll find a way through your own pain that you never expected. 

Venus For A Day Awaits!  

“Brilliant…funny, engaging, relevant, and deeply entertaining. An inspired example of transformative storytelling…a ‘must read’…” –Denise M. Baddour, Producer, Discovery Channel

From The Back Jacket:

A goddess hell bent on a comeback. 
A mortal not giving in.
A faceoff with the greatest prize: True Love

A tale to touch every woman who has ever felt not good enough, not pretty enough, not tall and thin enough, not… ENOUGH.  
What do you do when your best is never good enough?  When the man you adore doesn’t know you exist?  When the goddess Venus promises to teach you everything she knows about life and love with only one small catch—one of you will be dead by morning?  
After the death of her beloved best friend and 18 months of trying to “find herself,” Sydney goes to bed with a desperate plea to any god or goddess listening to help her wake up to a whole new kind of day.  
Big. Mistake. 
In this fascinating romp between the mundane world and the realms of the gods, what begins as a fun little bargain to nab a hot guy soon becomes a race to the death with a winner-takes-all finish line. Who will walk into her own version of happily ever after… a has-been Goddess or an ordinary woman who dares rise to the challenge of redefining beauty on her own terms?  


“An extraordinary book. Its wisdom and truth resonate at every level… I could not put it down, and wanted more and more!” –Susan Collins Marks, Author, Running With The Wind 
“Staggeringly powerful… this mythical journey seeps in, performing its much needed healing.” –Dr. Eve Bruce, Plastic Surgeon & Author, Shaman, MD 
“Powerful! An intense, impacting and mythic journey …It felt like Venus began accompanying me day-to-day and influencing my life.” –Dr. Sandra Phocas, Psychiatrist & Contemporary Shaman 
“Wow—just wow! I laughed, cried, got angry, cheered, put it down, then came back knowing that shifts were taking place deep within me. A very timely and needful clarion call to the heart…” –Libby Magnelo 

“Fun, funny, and transformational, a book for every woman who has ever looked in the mirror and wondered ‘Am I loveable?’ Classical mythology with a postmodern twist. A thoroughly captivating and adventurous tale of a woman’s search for love and meaning.” –Susan Dobra, Editor, Natural Beauty and Health Magazine 
"Well-written and engaging...Venus poses a challenge to us all to put 'beauty' in perspective…." –Donna Hicks, Harvard University  
“Enchanting, illuminating, and tragically real.” –Dr. Stanford Siver 
“Reading Venus For A Day was like having a huge weight was finally lifted from my shoulders. I got the giddy tingles that move down your spin and flutter in your stomach when you truly connect. I feel more connected to myself then I think I ever have. It has opened my eyes.” –Rebecca Schmaus 
“This is important shi*&t that every woman in the world, especially America, should hear. I'm at a women's college: they'll love it.” –Amanda Schreiber 
“A page turning and humorous romp that is also a powerful excavation of what it means to be a woman in a mans world. How beautiful that the once logical Sydney risks it all to follow the only path she can—the path of her heart.” –Lori Ann Lothian, Editor, Looking Deeper Magazine 
“I would have read in one sitting if I could have!! I went back to reading every chance I got until it was finished.”–Cissy Kolbe 
“I’m wowed!…The pace is fast as the plot twists and turns to a surprising and satisfying finish… I loved it.”
 –Keith Powell  

"A terrific work from a masterful storyteller. Rice entertains while compelling readers, deserving attention from readers of all ages and genders." -Roger Moore

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