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A Call To All Visionaries...

There comes a time when those who would lead our world to a new and more promising future must stop to reassess. The common path has run out. The way ahead is not clear. The terrain changes, both formidable and exciting.

The question arises, as it must: 


- Each Aspect Of my Work speakS to This Very Question -


...for the individual, the community and the world. 

As a social change artist, I bring the question of “Now What?” to the world at large. How will we shift and grow as a culture, so that our LGBTQ youth feel safe and loved? What will we do to dismantle the impossible beauty standards that make virtually every woman feel ugly? How can we discover what the world needs next using creativity, community and a few video cameras? Is there a way to find the time and space to meditate - even just one minute per day? Using every media available, I answer these questions and throw them out into the world through social media, where they often go viral.

As a teacher and mentor, I offer programs that speak to those at the most critical junctures of life. Once you have found your way, it is only natural to extend your hand to others. Yet the soul’s path is intricate, and being of real help requires significant training, deep dedication, and impeccable standards. I have now trained more than 120 apprentices in methods of deep soul mentoring.

As an author, I write about how we search for and find our own true path.  I often say “any path can take you halfway up the mountain, but no path can take you up the second half. That is yours to forge.” Even so, there are maps from those who have gone before. Our way is made easier by the signposts they have left us, and I have made it my life work to understand this second half of the mountain, and bring that understanding to others.

I also consult with leaders in the top 5% of their fields who are at the “Now What?” stage of their inner life - that time when the soul insists upon making itself known. If we are slow to hear, the insistence (and discomfort) grows. If we listen, the way opens. With a guide, “What Next?” can be followed with the most ease and grace possible.

Finally, I am a founding partner with Creative Leadership Partners, LTD. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, we consult with leaders of organizations, and "cell" teams within organizations - all of whom are ready and willing to experiment with advanced methods of doing good work in the world.

Because each path is as individual as you are...

I invite you to click on whatever offering here speaks to you as you explore the crossroads of "Now What?" in your own life. Enjoy and welcome!